Golden days

Funny title huh?  Since every time i turn around someone quits.


562 levs

My nubs atm are in Miz sd and “Golden” sd.

Pali’s obviously my focus, but i grind my alts here and there when they get berries.

I think they’ve gained about 10-13 levs since last post?   Don’t want to leave em in Miz if i can help it.  It’s a horrible sd without prem.



Well let me see here… hall lev’d when i was running Miz with Shade. 98!

hall 98

And again on 2x  🙂  99!!

hall 99

Gogo triple hall digits  :D.


Hmm.. alot of random things here since last post.

Was grinding in gem and Banker showed up.  Convinced him into a shift pt.  I kill 20 mins, he kills 20, repeat.  Its not faster levs, but it is easier ones.

with bank at gem


Running round looking for good grinding spot, found this miz room.  100k minis, 800k boss, but slow respawns, meh.

Die already….

miz 800k


Gz to Datamer who rb’d recently!!  We went to os and I helped him get some fams.

us taming


Tnx to Soko i got a level badge so i could use my NX Apac.  Boss in gd 5 is human type, Apac just rapes him  :).  Eat your heart out suc tamers :p

human gd 5 boss


Tried B5 big.  Ya, didn’t go so well.  Ran up to bout 5 demons and all have fam ats.  Got raped….

splitter b5 big


Last sw was yet another no show…  Gam was cool enough tho to bring his alt and try some 1 vs 1’s.  Made the time pass faster

gam showed for 1v1 sw


On last 2x i ran into Fang, thankfully with him and Sweetum’s Pali has an sd pt which is getting difficult to find for my nub thief.

golden pt

Hence golden days  🙂


Bout last 2 hours of 2x i went to 13 and helped a few guildies get into a decent sd.

end of ph at swep

Was lagging and i saw an S Necro cavity drop, Sail called us away before i could grab it.  Ugh, time we got back there it faded  :(.  Its a really rare u. I’ve only seen it drop twice my past 3 yrs.  This time being one of them.  20% instant kill ears…. faded.


Switching to a happier note 🙂

1 part of the longest quest in game is done on Pali.

complete limit 1

Level 2 n 3 to go…  and 2 is

ugh 400 org


Ugh, 400 more……

Atm pali has 75 origins tho i think,

so drudging thru it.









Guess I’ll end this week’s post with a laugh… well it was funny to me anyway  🙂


Elohim was in AoG for a good 3 months, don’t think i was ever more aggravated with a guildie.

All the guy did was stall.  Never leveled, never offered help to guildies… ect, was just no good for guild.

Plus he broke several of our rules.  Like i seen elem’s in his stall once.  Selling elems is an auto kick.  It shows no loyalty to guild and that you value your own bank to your guildies improvement.  He told me they were gifted to him (since he has “no” alt he plays on).

Well, anyway, guy just really annoyed me, so i finally kicked him for the last time about 2 months ago.  He joined some other guild and i seen his stall up in brun.  Had to laugh. 😛


He replied to my pm’s a few hrs later.  He thought i was the “other” Palidor.   After talking a bit i got one of my copy cats out of him.

Seems Sonya has a toon named Palidor.


Well, idk you Sonya or why your trying to get me banned. but if u want another enemy, u got one.


Until next time all.



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  1. MattSoko says:

    Nice update!

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