GH 100

Sup prandel

Took us bout 2 years, but we finally managed to get 100  😀

G 100

I wasn’t on when hall actually lev’d so i asked guildies to screenie it for me, got a few views here.

datamer hall levdarks hall lev

Datamer’s view






Aghast’s view






Tnx to all who pm’d me the gz, but i didn’t do it alone.  Was a team effort  🙂


While this is not exactly a mile stone, cause we had it before when OG was new and we managed to keep up with the best of them.  But we finally got lev 4 back  :).

4 star g

All thanks to a good team and a perfect pw run!

perfect pw



K, Let me see what else i can cram into this post….

Prizes from npc hunt were cool.  Managed to NX my anti.

npc nx anti


And the xp pouches from event were better then i thought they’d be.  1 ten min pouch was easily 40% of a lev.

xp pouches


Well 2x came on Friday night.  I screened starting levels.

2x on


And though I’ll prob get another lev or 2 on Pali at least, here’s my current lev’s

mid ph

Haven’t totally dropped alts yet, like i mentioned before i don’t want them left in miz when prem goes.   But ya, they still are not my focus.


Pali is, but atm?  Figuring a fair price for rent is my focus

rent price

So many… squatters  🙂

GL with the rest of 2x Prandel!


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One Response to GH 100

  1. MattSoko says:

    LOL both my chars “squatting”

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