Evening Prandel,

I got to 602 bout 5 days ago.  Prem set to expire in 3 days and thought i’d just ride bm sd till i broke down and eventually got another rip card.

Since first and 2nd rb quests were both bout 30 mins long I figured I’d get 3rd done, so I could just talk to end npc for 3rd rb.

But wasn’t paying attention, expected starting quest npc to rb me and one down the line did…..

So woot to nub rb  :).  605ish went to 207.

207 3rd


Thankfully I completed this quest 2 hrs before 3 days of 2x started.   I actually gained alot of ground in event.

220 levs in 72 hours of 2x… ugh, grinded my ass off.

2x ends


I know its been a good week since last post but all i really have is drop screenies… anyway…

Plvl’d myself in most area’s.  Storage, Lich, w/e.

Went storage



Do or die b5

do or die b5


Do or die b6… woot, nx fine, its like nx stone u

do or die b6


Swep 11

swep 11 pt


Swep b’s

swep b3


Ran back and forth Parble b2 with Drac while rest camped spawn spots.

running parb with drac


Ran with Drac in small

small with drac


Ran 13 with Velanor.   Rb can’t pt with any 100 levs or higher or it nerfs xp.  So Dark let me use his priest since i was too low to pt with Don and needed caller

13 with vel


Got Drac and Tom to lure for me at small 2. This was real easy levs.  Just stood there spamming fever.

lures in small 2


For the ppl that have been following this blog a few years can go back and see me wanting drake.  2 years later and I still have not dropped this armor.  But game keeps throwing safe’s at me.  Prob 6th one i’ve dropped this server now.   O well, its 80m gold i guess.

yet another safe


Guess i’ll end with this screenie.  Its funny, on this dying server most sd pt’s are just hard to find.  Yet for one of the hardest sd’s in game I got lucky and manged to get a full pt for os today.

nice os pt

We done well, completed both run’s on expert setting.  Nice pt.

I prob run with em tomorrow, but i don’t expect to be 435 n under long.

I need to drive for 600 asap.  Its 400 more stats with No lev reset  :D.


169 levs needed still.

Gogo purple circles!!



Till next time prandel, best of luck in your travels.




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One Response to Third

  1. Gloomy says:

    Wait for me 😛
    I’m only lv 420 and want to catch up.

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