— 64

Afternoon Prandel,

Tnx to 3 days of 2x last week and 3 days of 3x this week my nub rb is behind me.  Only 64 more levs to go for purple circles  🙂

Anyway, start of 3x

strt of 3x


Was thinking Pali would see 550+ with 3 days of 3x.  Pt’d up with lots of ppl.  Arch, Dark, Tom, ect.   We seen hall lev fairly early with 3x.

hall lev 103


I solo’d alot too, the slow spawns were nice xp with 3x.

5m for Apos’s 5 hr respawn mob.

5m apos mob


7.5m for Elf kingdom’s 10 hr respawn mob.

7m elf king


When 3x ended I manged to see 81 levels on Pali and got all my premless alts into vesti. +19 on Klien, +6 on Don and +9 on Val.

All to 535  🙂

ed of 3x


Since then not to much has happened.  Ran a few quests for 70m or so.  Hidden camp and the best nameless one.

nameless quest


And got lucky enough to get a chrono ring when i opened all boxes at end of 3x.

shd ring

My 15% xp and +3 skill ring is better, but this ones ok too.  Since its not good enough to replace any of Pali’s rings i just dropped it on Klien.


Got alot of drops, dxu or two and several nxu’s with 3x, but already dragged them to nxu n dxu folders.  I really need to update Nx and Dx pages on here, got least 10 drops to add to each now.

Well, I hope all had luck with past event. I’ll cya’s next week prandel


About Klien

another random noob tamer
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4 Responses to — 64

  1. TheRecluse says:

    Damn dude, can’t believe you passed me.
    By the way, sorry i’m not logging alot recently kinda busy IRL.
    Should be more active after sunday.

  2. Klien says:

    gogo 600 :). its 100 levs worth of stats with no more lev resets (4th rb that is)

    and ya, no worries rec. we all deal with reality here and there. don’t expect to see anyone daily.

  3. MattSoko says:

    Just droppin in to say hey.
    I’ve been busy as well.
    See ya’s soon

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