Afternoon Prandel,

I know, no posts in over a month.  Multi things have happened.  Um, let me see.. Well some know my old pc broke and anytime i played with saki I just lagged hard.  So pw’s, gvg’s w/e was awful on my back up laptop.  So i played less n less.  Then summer came and thats when work picks up, so had no time  for game anyway.   Kinda walked.  My current job should end in 2 weeks tho and I’ve been able to replace my pc.  So maybe I’ll be much more active in game?

Logged in today and seen my guild has pretty much went to sleep.  I expected it to several weeks ago, but guess i had more then a few hard core players in AoG.


Pali did get 4th rb and i left him at 654.  The few more levs he has is from Dark plvling his alts i assume.  Don, Klien and Val are all 550ish.

I’m thinking of picking up Klien, rushing him to 600 for the perfect rb.  Get rid of those useless sux asap and start building proest fams this server will ever see.

Don’t think i will “restart” AoG since on 3rd rb Klien wont be able to run sd or gd because of Daze. I will always need him around for scorn.

Our statues, ah theres alot of lev 2’s i can complete still.  Not seeing much reason to level hall at all or keep it active and lord knows i hate pw’s.  Sw’s are annoying too with so few ppl on server, to many no shows.

So ya, i might move Val or Don to twilight (since i assume thats where dark went) just for conversation but keep Klien in AoG to help hall level and for gm bonus.  free +3 skill is hard to beat.  AoG prob be like Rosa a bit.  Active (on my part) but lev 1, 2 hall.


So i wont be able to focus tons on game for bout 2 weeks, but i’ll prob start playing again with focus on Klien getting to 600.  Pali will sleep since hes useless to me with rb and his level.


Guess i’ve “returned” for 4th, 5th time Prandel  :).  Want to see 999 ex fams on Klien like i set out 3-5 years ago to do.


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another random noob tamer
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3 Responses to Update?

  1. Gloomy says:

    At least you’re coming back.:)
    Majority of the players have left and will return when you will.

    • Gloomy says:


      • Klien says:

        Ah, i dont expect any to return cause i’m not gonna ask them. Ones that stayed cool, ones that want back np.

        But i just don’t want to bother with gh level. Too much agrivation. pw has to be ran evey week and its the same old thing. a perfect run can still be 2nd, 3rd place and it takes an hr, ugh

        sw has to be done every week, even if its a no show you have to camp the field 45 mins.

        too much bs getting a 3+ or higher hall and maintaining it.

        Any that have np’s with how many stars are on emblem are the ones i woudlnt mind seeing in gc :). This might change when my rl frees up, but atm i have no plans to no life rs.

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