Time, its not enough….

Evening Prandel,  hope everyones well.

Atm Klien is 579 and 15%ish from 580.  This is my most recent screenie of him.


Idk y i bothered to add the sux’s.  I so don’t care bout their level.  There “ok” pets.  Crit fairly often and have higher dmg.  But they get owned almost everywhere i grind, no res and just…sllooowwww…. I can’t wait till they are a memory, idk why other tamers actually use these worthless pets.


Hmm, plusses?

113 plus

113, would have been so pro on K2, here it kinda fails.  When I reach this level on 3rd rb I hope to have alot more.  Gonna try mixing a pro neck and ew in the nearer future.  150ish maybe?  Plusses are “key” for a gvg tamer.  Will need near 200 so pets will have the resistance and avoid against other 800ish toons.

+ affect spice % and spice increases all stats on pet, wisdom, luck and alc.  So plus / spice level is key.

Also can you imagine 200+ cloudy day on ex fams  :).  I wonder if uber pro fams can out run squire with rush skill when he runs?  +’s will add to kelbys movement speed too, Tamer end game can actually be pretty effective in pvp and I’m out to prove it.

Maybe within a year or so we’ll all get to see Locke and Cyan raining 500 white dmg in pvp  :).




I did renew Don and Val’s prem.  Figured they’d be much more useful on 3rd tamer rb when they have 580 t’s (+ rings).  They will get there with sd’s alone, but i leech em a bit here and there speeding up the process.


Managed to catch Thrusdays monster event.

monster clean up

I booked pets and used riding kelby for fire resist, then found a ghost mob and just swung at him with flute for a good 40 minutes :).  Only got 1 lux, but there is only one lux item good to a tamer really, Breath ears.

I considered angel robe (lux armor), but theres a ticket tamer armor that gives +3.  With 2 mirrros and some luck it would be +9 armor, much pro’er then angel could ever hope to be.

I cleaned up on oils and gdh (almost 400 total from 1 event)  which is the main reason i went and got a decent amount of restats, so wasted one to help klien get 600, and he has just over 4k wis atm  🙂



Guess I’ll end with most recent Nx, I was in brun today chk’ing stalls while alts waited on sd keys. Seem’s sd and maybe 30ish mins is all the time i can play lately, reality is just to busy.   Anyway, I seen a good 4 flames stalled at 60mish each.  Cheap to me so i grabbed them up.  Needing 1 more, Sail helped me out (tnx  🙂 ).  Hell, even managed to snag a myst bellow from a stall for 30m  :).

Long story short,

nx gleem

Nx’d Kliens gleem  :).  Only got 1 slot, but its fine. Nx version alone gives 10% more pet xp for 25% total. Thats kinda huge, for every 4 levels this helm gives pets a free level :).

Also noticed it gives 100% magic drop?  Ya, kinda useless but its a nice to have i guess since this is what prem supposidly does, gives 100% more mag drop.


Well, like the title states i hardly have any time for game (lack of screens), most of my lev’s came from sd badge and kits.  Hoping to see 600 and 3rd rb soon tho.  If we get a 2.5 weekend I know i got sunday off, debating weather to work Saturday tho.  Anyway, will see 3rd nub rb by monday if we see 2.5 this weekend  🙂


Gl in your travels Prandel!


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another random noob tamer
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6 Responses to Time, its not enough….

  1. BlackFang says:

    Yay i made your post for the 2nd time keep them up bud.

    Ign: BlackFang

  2. Gloomy says:

    Darn, you came back for a few days and Klien is already past me.

  3. Datamer says:

    lv 113skills is nice i can only hit 100 when I’m in arch and i got two light pets too

    • Klien says:

      wondering how thats possible josh? i think 560 t’s gave around 96 +’s? with arch n 2 lights shoudl have 110ish? I’m prob counting 4 tat and 3 gm bonus, not sure..

      • Datamer says:

        Well im not 560 yet im 481
        eternal +10, tat+3, tneck+5, tarmor +3, BBshoe +1, NX AOE +3, NX breath +3, 2lights +12, guild +1, Master +5
        so +46 (96) is where i am
        and even with my 560t id only gain +6 n be at +52(102)

      • Klien says:

        missing 1 on armor, 1 on tat, 1 on helm, 2 on ew, 2 from guild (compared to what +’s i have memorized anyway). and guess you have no rings? those figure into 2-7+’s. I see why its low.

        100ish “end game” (640) is average. I hope to blow way past it in a few months time, doub, trip +’d neck, weap, tat, ect.

        Alot of ppl have 3/2’s, no tamer ik of with 10+ on any 1 gear. I’ve seen some nice necks, but used by preists/mages.

        150+ is easily possible, ppl just need to make the gears.

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