Origins of the perfect rb.

Evening Prandel,

More then a few things to cover here, let me see where to begin.

Thanks to some help from some friends. Dark, Drulk and Sailor I was able to get to 600 and get things in place.


I’ve made a few vids

600 n um.. rb?

Ah, rb  🙂


I tried for lev 1, i really did. But mob xp forced me over.  Klien went to 27.

fams 1


Setting up for the grind i gathered some of my gears.

One of my favorite rings!

pals ring

I remember when Ray got this ring, i really wanted it.  However I didnt really have its worth back then (i refuse to rip / lowball friends) and I had no 3rd rb’s anyway.   So told him market and he sold it.

Eventullay Thom bought and a little more down the road i traded Pal’s serene for it.  Crazy right?  Not really since i’ve gotten much more use out of this ring then i did with serene.  I got it back when Pal was 270ish on 3rd rb.

Got it at 10% and conned Scav out of a +5 upgrade doc he had.  So at the moment this ring gives 15% more xp, which is a huge help  :).  It can go higher, up to 35%!!, but atm im not risking until i get a 2nd one.


I used rb stats and a few gears to get 801 wis mark from the get go, this will pay off in no time.  801 wis was 30% more xp?

801 wis on nub



When things were in place i headed for metal golem.  A nice spot where i can stay close to Daze (scorn) and get good xp.

Thought everyone would prefer a vid over some screens so.

Metal golems


Eventually i went and solo’d belf cuz I’m lazy and don’t like to run  :).

Val was a big help here.  Later on i added Light for buffs too and got to bout 1800ish elem damage.  Maxing cloudy early, like 70ish i raped this mob in no time.

nubs at belf

Stayed at belf until 101. ik very high, but it was just so easy and with nvr more then 2 ppl wanting pt, xp was always high.  I left still getting 180k a kill with xp bonuses and 2.5 event.


Then went to my next favorite spot.  Colossus?  No, i hate making lurers actually earn there levs.  Gogo tw b4  :).

Sadly berry only had 4 mins or so and was gone at the start of the day.

solo tw b4



151?  gogo df  😀

plvl?  what’s that?

solo df



Grinded maybe 5ish hrs today and with 2.5 ph i managed to see 200 on tamer.

252 on fams  :)..

Keep following, they only gonna get much higher with prem flute and scorn.  And soon, Gleem  🙂

200 on 8 4 13


Little burnt atm so I updated limit stone.back on limits

And am semi afk in salty atm farming them :).

I got 131 out of 1600 so far.  Hope to see all by 600 on tamer since thats when they get really hard to get and there are no more lev resets for Klien.

I can get them if i slow on the levs and focus on them here and there.  With no sd’s and gd’s I don’t see the levels flying anytime soon so.

Kk, cya’s next time Prandel, lots of luck in your travels!









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another random noob tamer
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4 Responses to Origins of the perfect rb.

  1. Datamer says:

    GZ on 3rd rb ill try and meet ya @3rd rb in 2 weeks dont go flyin to far ahead of me now 😉

    • Klien says:

      tnx 🙂

      your the 3rd person asking me to slow down now. i really don’t have alot of time on weekdays, you can prob catch me then. However on weekends expect me to use kits and grind like a mad man.

  2. Bomina says:

    You should’ve got the Skill Point Heaven Reward to get another 1000 skill points, then get Stare [50] and Brainwash [1] at very low level. Then you just tame a fam the normal way with necro & witch and you’ll have a level 200+ fam at around level 50.

    • Klien says:

      I did have several skill point rewards, 5 or 6?. Idr but i was able to get 4 or 5 cloudy and bw at lev 27.

      The fams i have are the exact same ones i tamed in tatga mine 3 years ago. I could have tamed much higher. Didn’t want too. At 150ish I had 55+’s without arch n still don’t have 185 t neck (which will b +2 more atm).I prob could have got 300ish fams with little effort.

      But its really not needed, without gleem cap fams are getting 226% xp at all times (75% of tamers kill + 51% flute + 100% scorn)… Almost a 2.5 event for them without event :).

      When i can use gleem it will be +25% more xp for 251%. Or it can be 276% if im ever able to unlock 4th slot on gleem. .

      the 2 i have now will see 999 easily enough..

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