3, 4, 500

G’ evening Prandel,

My weekends over so thought i’d update this thing.  I didnt work at all this weekend so got to make the most of the ph.  Started at 210 tamer with 265 fams.  Locke and Cyan had 55 levs on me.

Perfect Level for storage so it was my first stop.

300 fams

With armors getting up to 2.5m Each,  giving pets roughly 6mish xp a kill.  Locke n Cyan saw 300 in no time.

I left storage bout 284 (still getting 1.4m per armor) i think cause others wanted it and its not a good spot to share (pt)


So went to swep 11 and camped blue awhile, who was 2m a kill. Tamer got 300 here with little effort.

300 tamer


Spent 2, 3 hrs at porin.  Ya xp is better at small, but this spots so easy.  8 zin mobs in a little room, hardly have to move tamer at all.

good ol porin


Went to parble maybe 30 mins.  Idk why so many ppl like this lev for 340ish.  Cant say i care for it unless you can run the floor.

short time in parb b2


Fams got 400 on swep 11 tho.  If your wondering bout the 310k xp difference?  When i was trying xp on swep 20 1 pet was out of scorn range for one kill and fell 300k behind.  not a big deal, I’ll fix it later.

400 fams


I eventually did go to small.  Out of 15 or so U’s this weekend this was the only one with any value.

best drop


I eventually went into leech mode and lured with Don while Demon killed in Small cave.  Pets got 100+ on me atp.

pets 100 plus


This is my “end screenie”.  I wanted 400 by the weekends end and got just past it with pets 105 above me  🙂

and current

Nice gains i think, 191 levs on tamer gained while pets got 241 levs.

They are def growing faster and I’m still in the nub levs that are not giving pets a whole lot of xp.  Also wont have gleem (25% more pet xp) for 37 more tamer levels still.  Expect em to grow faster is all im saying soon enough  :).


Well, Let me throw some older comparision screens in here.

This Old screen is where i was plvling daze with 110 scorn (ik it maxes at 100) but he essentialy had near perfect pets for his level.  Atm comparing levs Kliens pets are bout 10 levs higher.



heres where i made the “perfect remake pets”. When I started with 530 fams at tamer 54 (bw lev, when we got prem flute).  I remember they saw 600 by early 400’s.

400 Ya, these 2 are much higher comparing current pets  🙂  But my tamer now has MUCH more potential in the 500+ levs then this one had (daze n gleem).  I will catch and bury this remade tamer soon enough. he ended at 647 with 741 fams? Ik i rebirthed at 647 but idr pets levs exactly.

Atm tho Klien has pets that are 105 levs ahead of him and that gap will only grow, easily surpasing this one.



Well, i guess I’ll end this post with last sw.  We have a dead guild people, really we do.  I’m not actively recruiting. Getting the opponents to realize that tho is the trick.

dead guild


Request an invite in AoG if u like (randoms still do here n there), but don’t expect pw’s for awhile.  Gd’s are not important to me until Kliens 600+.


Gn Prandel, I’ll cya’s next week.


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One Response to 3, 4, 500

  1. Datamer says:

    Damn i forgot how fast you level. Datamer is the newest 3rd rb tamer :D…well on Saturday i will be. Gratz x400 on levels and nice fams 😉
    Keep up the weekly updates me like

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