6 n 7

Sup prandel,



I figured I’d update this blog.

Grinded alot this weekend, but I’m in slower levs so it doesnt show to well.

Friday night Tamer was 501 with 640 fams.  My scorn tamer only

daze 641641..

sucky thing honestly seeing I had a good year in him and he was done in bout 2 months.

Ugh, grind time for daze…..


Well, i still had one pet lev out of him so grinded it at dug out.

daze done in dug out


Then ran into a friend, I conned him into letting me use his tamer  :).  Sooo much better then dropping everything to plvl a toon thats only temp use.

695 scorn tamer695 !!

Cool right?  45 more pet levs with scorn :D, guy was even cool enough to reskill this toon so he could max scorn for me.

it was a huge help.



With scorn covered for a bit i could place my focus back on Klien.

Mainly went Dug out, Barracks 1, b2 and gem past weekend.

traps in gem

Dropped 2 traps this weekend.  I’m collecting them until i manage to make a 3/2 trap NX for pali.  Its the perfect thief shoe imo.


Grinded just bout all day Saturday and at the end only saw 519

sat nights end

with 664 fams.  18 levs gained on tamer and 24 levs gained on pets.

Love how high level pets still outlevel tamer  🙂

Scorn ftw!

I uploaded a vid if any want to see just how fast they grow.

Pets pull 25m out of the air in 4 minutes  🙂

Watch em grow


Grinded all day Sunday too.

sunday nights end25 more tamer levels while pets pulled down 32 more  🙂

696!!… ya…. scorns gone… again  :(.

Guess its time to face the enevitable and carry on without it.

I had no plans on ever taking Daze to 800 anyway.  It not a big deal, pets still see 51% more then tamer with helm n flute. (75% norm, 51% prem flute, 25% joker)  So they will continue to grow  🙂



While pets got 600 last weekend (in swep 13)

600 fams


I did seem em break 700 this weekend  🙂 (hence 6 n 7)

700 fams in store


They are deff getting there.

weavs comment

Give em more time if u want to see amazing weav  🙂


They got along ways to grow still but atm they’re

atm 701701 on a 549 tamer, currently 152 levs above.

Much better then when i remade tamer with 530 fams from the get go. (chk old remade posts if u want comparison screens)

So far this weekend tamer gained 48 levels while pets saw 61.


Guess i can mention sw since it was fun this past weekend.  AoG has lev 3 hall (ik, we are dead ppl) cuz dark ran pw, anyway we defended to Phantom wolves?  I took Val cuz ik they’d bring monks (everyone always does anymore).  We faced 3 monks but we done very well holding them off with only 4 ppl.

I ran Val until i ran out of fcp’s then i went to Klien.

Seen 725’s praised do 130’s (51 levs higher now might do 150? idk)

130 dmg nubs

We were out numbered with a suc tamer, 3 monks, an archer and i think a preist was there?

But we held them off in the closing seconds.

to close for comfort

They got us down to like 5% in the closing seconds.  I could care less bout holding lev 3 hall, but it was nice we won  🙂


Guess I’m out of screens so i’ll end it here.  Need 12 more levs on Klien b4 i can pt with Pali and have very good aoe plvl.  Tamer grinds so slow with only killing 1 mob at a time…

KK, cya’s next time Prandel!






About Klien

another random noob tamer
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3 Responses to 6 n 7

  1. BlackFang says:

    Great post dude!!!!!! and yet again made your blog yay!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Nysrogh says:

    Hey Klien!! long time no see. I was just catching up to what you’ve been up to and i see you’re retired! i’ve come back to play and it would be great to see you around again!

    Hope you’re doing fine!

    • Klien says:

      HI, ya things are good on my end. I left prandel a little while back. Its probably been bout 6 months(?) since i logged in.

      Game just became a money sink for me. Didn’t matter what level i reached, I’d still need gears to compete. While gears are far from cheap.

      I could spend 100’s on mixing and still walk away with nothing. Items to improve gears are in the cash shop with a fairly small %.

      To make just one end game item you have to have a 30% chance item succeed 3 straight times in a row. Adding prefix, mirroring then mrroring again.

      Any miss and its back to square one with reaquiring whatever gear. While the rarer the gear, say B-sting, the more expensive that endeavor is.

      One item i wanted for Pal was 1/2, 1/2, 1/2 power bsting. Since no one made power b-stings (all were ats) I’d have to make one myself and the cost would have been to high.

      I had alot of fun in Prandel in my 5 or so years, but end game with OG is truely pay to win. OG killed it for me by giving the cash player a massive boost.

      Well, a few people have my logs, if you ever see my toons its most likely not me.

      I’ll cya round, gl with levs and drops.

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