Evening all.

As most know I’ve stopped updating, stopped playing. My reasons lie mainly with OG and getting astros on my accounts, in that they make it impossible.   Anyway…

The stats on here tells me this blog still sees 10-50 or so different people practically daily when i haven’t updated this blog in a good 9 months?

So i thought i would spam those people some advertisement  :).                                                  Also this post is a notice to any one that’s subscribed via email.


Have you heard of Redstone Reddit ?

I think it could turn into a good community source that’s not subject to censorship such as OGs fb and forums for Redstone obviously are.

I’d like to see it succeed since its a possible uncensored source where OG can’t hide topics, ignore disgruntled players, protect their favorites, shadow the hackers, ect, ect.



If anyone wanted an update on me…

Idk if i will return full time to Prandel.  I tried about a month ago.

I wanted to try an archer that could run and gun in fot like Saki used to.  Pali always needed agro for fever (his aoe).  However Saki could spam rain and collect chests.  No luring or anything.

apollo one

So i made a new toon.  Started grinding and avoiding plvl as much as possible until i could figure out how to build an effective Archer.

However it was shortly lived due to astros and OG’s busted system that they refuse to improve now for 4 years and counting.

This was the last screen i took after being blocked twice on a new paypal and a credit card.  Roughly when 4x started.


Had 6 hrs of berry. I could of got prem and kits and saw 640 in less then 2 weeks with 4x.  But I ended up telling OG off in a ticket and I haven’t played since.

OG just needs to make some drastic changes or give up and give the Game to a company that gives a !@#$%^&* for me to play like i used to.  Like it or not it is a Pay to play game and they make paying extremely difficult for me atleast.

However, once that issue is addressed then hacked gears need addressed.  Part time GM’s need addressed… nevermind.  OG has failed us all the way i see it.

Well, thanks for recruiting a nub Arc, you can kick Apollo if hes ever in the way.


Still here? Go register on Redstone Reddit and give your support to an unbiased community source..

Kinda on topic if you like Reddit check out r/enhancement.  Its an awesome browser add on for reddit that does a ton of different things.


Maybe a year from now we’ll all be playing on an LnK server

:)… well, a guy can dream, can’t he?



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another random noob tamer
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6 Responses to Advertisment

  1. Zig says:

    Or you can just try another game and make a new blog hehe 🙂

    • Klien says:

      Any free time I have I play Skyrim, its a cool game even if its only single player.

      If your aware of any other good games let me know Zig. There’s literally 1000’s of games out there and 1000’s of them are utter garbage, so i rely on word of mouth really.

  2. troglo says:

    Hey Klien, if you’re interested in some other games, I can recommend you Path of exile or League of legends, tried both of them recently, they seem to be pretty cool.
    Stopped playing redstone aswell since it looks like OG is doing its best to ruin RS.


    • Klien says:

      Tnx Ama, i got both games on this pc to be honest :).

      I tried path but never gave it much of a chance. I didn’t like it, but never played it 20 mins. I might give it another run sometime.

      My nephew dl’d Lol on here but I’ve never tried it myself. lol seems like a strategy game? I’m more interested in rpg’s like redstone.

  3. Zig says:

    Still no Prandel from Another Angle updates? 😦

    • Klien says:

      Theres nothing to update ZIg. So many have left and they keep holding 4x events so others can hit walls and eventually leave. The people just aren’t there anymore to make it fun it seems.

      Time will tell if it can recover but i wait for OG to sell it to a company that gives a damn, maybe a server reset deleting all the garbage.

      Was browsing forums and seems they had a massive gold bar hack bout 2 months ago.. makes the game even less desirable to play.

      Hows things with you and gecko? Haven’t seen gecko since he robbed my +3 tat over a year ago 🙂

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