Contracts end.

OG will end service for Redstone on November the 14th, 2014


You can find OG’s notice here

Time will tell what will happen to the database.  LnK might host Prandel for a month or two until its sold to a 3rd company or they might just give up after two failures (K2 n OG) and focus on their 6 Asian servers.

If they do manage to sell it to a 3rd company then i assume the new company will take a vote for who wants to keep the database and who wants a fresh start.  If this comes to pass I will be voting for a reset.

From where i sit the current database is a lost cause with hacked gears, gold bars and way, way, way too many Lux box events making pretty rare gears incredibly common.

Not to mention massive back to back month long 3, 4, 5x ph’s.  At this point level is currently worthless and if the database is kept that will never change.

If a 3rd server does emerge I’ll make a post showing where it can be found or give details on it as i come across them.  If anyone out there finds it before me then leave a comment please.



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