Logic and Korea notice

Greetings Red Stone fans

It is unfortunate to announce that the service of Red Stone hosted by our previous partner and friend,
OGPlanet will temporarily come to a halt.
We sincerely apologize for this confusion.

However, please understand that this is only a transition period and not the end.

As the developer of Red Stone, L&K Logic Korea is committed to providing the much deserved service to our dear fans.
We are dedicated to updating the current game to the most recent version currently being serviced in Japan and in Korea.
The content update plans are already in motion.

In short, we are currently in the process of preparing for the re-launch of Red Stone in North America.
It is our promise to our fans that we will do all that is necessary to secure the best possible condition for the service in the near future.

We thank you for your patience and support.

L&K Logic Korea

Visit url for source notice.



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7 Responses to Logic and Korea notice

  1. Buns says:

    I would definitely come back if a new company took up RS.

    • Klien says:

      Well the notice come straight from LnK so its essentially promised.

      Redstone will continue on under a new server.

      Whether that includes a reset with all toons, levels and gears being erased and all of us starting at level 1 remains to be seen.

      We’ll have a better picture in a month or two.

      Nice to see you still have a pulse out there btw Buns, take care.

  2. Zig says:

    Great news! wish I had the time to play. Barely can surf on the web.

  3. troglo says:

    You gonna try playing on the new server? I’m thinking about playing too but where’s guaranty that LnK won’t sell it to some company again.

    Rs has had 3 failed companies if I’m right, so I’m unsure if we won’t get another reset, in that case playing again is a waste of time.

    • Klien says:

      if there is a reset and games hosted in English then most likely I probably will. I’m thinking i will pick up 6 toons after guild is remade (take nub to 50 n do quest).

      Tamer, mage, archer, priest, opti and thief who will probably be my main plvl’r. High dmg and avoid thief just works so well on practically every map. Dmg% thief ew is easy to get and so are a few avoid gears. But this depends on being able to multi log. I think Redstone would be boring with only 1 toon and I probably would not play alot if i had to rely on others for buffs, sd’s, w/e. .

      The current database is pretty corrupt and i think chances are high of LnK deleting it. Roughly 3 years or so ago when we were both in Unfo I remember Wes saying the Asian server reset, even with ton’s of 800+ toons LnK reset it due to botters (i think that was the reason). So i know they’re not above it.

      Guess you gotta follow the money. Whoever picks up the server is gonna have more to gain from giving people a fresh start compared to letting people continue that have spent $1000’s somewhere else.

      2 fails so far, K2 and OG. Far as it being a waste of time, ….not really. Its the journey that matters, not the destination. If the getting to end game isn’t fun then ya, i guess it could be seen as a waste of time.

  4. troglo says:

    i remember before OG we had to use some other program to run more than 1 char, so yea maybe it’s possible that they remove multi logging, i’m sure that after that both leveling and especially gold farming will be much harder

    that’s why the first thing that should be checked is how much pay to win the new server is gonna be, because let’s be honest, without multi logging there is no way to keep up with paying players since gold farming will be nerfed unless you’re very lucky with drops

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