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—-UPDATE… An OG game sage (Evilman) claims this to be fake.  You might want to hold off on passing your logs.  However I’m making this post because i  see no signs it is faked. You can find the “debate” here—-

It would seem a new company has contracted Redstone.

G&G will replace OGplanet.

If you go to Game n game  you can transfer your account and find other details.


Relevant info in the future may also be found at the North America RS webpage.


A video posted on forums might be useful to Prandelians.

Credits to Myst and Sakura for the video.

It seems they also have a facebook page if your looking for more sources to keep updated.


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10 Responses to Game n game

  1. troglo says:

    when i tried transferring storage char account it said “Blocked Ip”, i’m not sure whether it’s a good idea to transfer any of your main chars,

    best to try with one of your minor accounts losing which would be no big deal

    • Klien says:

      I already transferred Klien hours ago. I seen the blocked IP thing mentioned in their FaQ but it never happened to me.

      As I’ve mentioned to Evil on forums, LnK themselves are advertising this site though there Red gem page. I have no doubts its official.

      If you want to hold off np because I’m expecting a total wipe anyway. Even if they get your log you will still need to remake toons again, just won’t have to register is all.

  2. troglo says:

    makes me think it’s only gonna be a server for America since some could transfer and some couldn’t, and the ones who couldn’t are Europeans as far as i know

  3. BlackCanary says:

    Hey, Trog, I’ve been having the issue as well! But I’m in Hawaii and I am able to log into OGP and RS but when I go to transfer my account, it says that it is a “Blocked UserIP”. It is probably nothing more than a glitch, so probably just wait it out until the official announcement from them.

  4. troglo says:

    hope so

    • Klien says:

      I assume its a glitch ama. I live in Texas and got through but i see 2 people on that website from the US asking about blocked IP’s. So it doesn’t seem to be a Europe only thing.

      When enough complain I’m sure they will look into it.

  5. Buns says:

    I was able to transfer and I live in Cali. Even posted on their site voting for a full reset. It’s really exciting. ^^

  6. Lover says:

    Do you have to make a Game n game account for each OGP account you had, for storage characters? Or can they all be transferred to the same one?

    • Klien says:

      I assume each account will need to be transferred. But its rather useless at the moment because the site is not accepting transfers. I guess its bugged and its hit or miss if transfer goes through or you get IP block.

      When they make the announcement you can transfer all i assume.

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