Players choice.


It seems LnK is letting the community vote to decide what actually gets transferred into the new Redstone server.

  • Abnormal items and gold removed with only player levels intact
  • FULL RESET(including items, gold and levels)
  • Accounts untouched


You can go here to find the poll and make your choice.   From things I’ve seen i think 85% of the community will vote for the second option . I honestly can’t see a single soul voting for #3 but I’ve seen 2 or 3 players out of roughly 30 ask for intact levels.  Time will tell which way the pendulum swings.


If anyone is curious when the server will actually open the only info i have atm is


While i personally think new server will be online way before x-mas, that date gives them plenty of time to do what they need to do.  Until then if you got nothing better to do cast your vote in the poll.


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6 Responses to Players choice.

  1. Johann says:

    beta will open on november 24th ^_^

  2. Johann says:

    lol the answer was changed, nows is the end of November

  3. Liar says:

    affffff I hope people will make the right decision okas? ~w~ server wipe and reset to 0, restart for everyone cause of the tiger potions boosting levels is too much. okie? Okie, now klien why is it everyone and thier mother wants to make a maid/darksorceress affff… reminds me of demon ~w~ okie, Liar out asehuasehausehausehu

    • Klien says:

      Because its new. Alot made the opti and never leveled it past 200. I’m expecting the Maid to turn out the same way.

      Agreed i hope alot vote for reset too, but I’m only aware of 30 or so opinions. 350 liked LnK Rs page so there are roughly 350 votes. Thats alot unaccounted for.

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