wanting ph

It seems some of the cancer from OG remains.  People have become far too lazy.  I remember when OG first started it took me a good 3 days to get level 100. If they have the npc buffer (which I’m sure they will) that time will be greatly reduced. Nearly every mob under level 100 can be 1 hit with npc buffs.  But clearly that is not enough for some people. 
To hell with putting anytime in farming, raise the drop rate on day 1!!!


(face palm) Here is hoping LnK has more common sense, seriously.

As the post is titled I have next to no content without a server  :).  But i did manage to make a new video using old clips to try bring my youtube channel back to life.  If time permits in the future I’ll make use of it again.  Let me know whatcha think.


Outside of the minor “ph / give me” rant and the video I’ve got nothing  :).  Just rumors if anyone is looking for updates.  As the recent comments show apparently GnG offered to open the survey on the 24th, but have since edited their post to point to the end of the month.  I assume because they needed time to actually conduct the survey to make a decision.
I have made minor changes to the blog, got rid of dead links, corrected RSH’s website link which seems to have moved.  I plan to change the banner, but obviously I’ll need to wait for screens after the server is up and running.
Pretty much decided to make thief my main and if multi client is allowed I’ll pick up tamer, priest, mage archer and opti.  Because i can i suppose  :).  I don’t have any interest in the new class.  I seen a few yt vids and wasn’t impressed.
Well, enough of watching the grass grow i suppose.  Perhaps I’ll get some real info worthy of relating in a few days.  Until then can you guys please stop asking for ph, it really destroys the game in the long haul.  Level is worthless when everyone is knocking at 999. Your level will be much more satisfying when you know you earned it and it wasn’t handed to you.



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  1. reclusers says:

    I personally would love to keep my characters for the simple fact that i’ve spent a lot of real money and time on them. I personally don’t care about the cheaters or whatever “cancer” there is…i’m not playing this game to be the best but simply to have a good time. If have to restart my toons without any kind of compensation it’s just not worth it.

    This is the 2nd time that they might reset everything aren’t you guys tired of spending money and restarting your toons every few years?

    I respect your opinion but please keep in mind that wiping the server is not a long term solution to all the problems this game has.

  2. Klien says:

    Hi rec,

    My use of the word “cancer” was implying the people that want power hours. 600 should take 3 months minimum and that’s for a grinder. Max level wasn’t meant to be seen in a month and it surely wasn’t meant to be obtained by any one who only plays 1-3 hours a week. To many people won’t play unless there is ph but if people are denied it and see the first 100 levels are not that bad they might learn to get by without it. But seriously, we got level 1’s calling for ph.

    As far as spending money then ending up with a complete reset.. well i can’t call it a waste because i got what i paid for. Say i spent $20 on prem for a month, if i played for 5 hours I got my $20 worth.

    Its like spending $10 to watch a movie, Can you ask for a refund when its over because you essentially leave with nothing but a memory. The way i see it nothing is really owed to me.

    Money aside tbph, I have tons to lose with a reset. Once again i will lose a guild, a level 100+ one (well over 100B exp to get that). Again I will need to do emblem which is a massive quest. I will lose a guild with 40% of statues completed which is not done over night, trust me (i have 100’s of hours in farming elems).

    I’m losing 6 toons with MQ completed. Forget the fact that’s its 3, 4 days to complete and that’s with being on it constantly, I also lose 100% buffs from MQ which will take a minimum of 2.5 months to get back since only 10% can be gained a week.

    None of that is counting 680 4th rb Pal, 570 3rd rb Klien, 580 2nd rb Don n Val, 640 Daze, 5 blinding shield priests all 200, 4 more around 150, 425 Opti, 190 Archer. Roughly 15 throwaway toons i was using for flames all over 100.

    I’ve sunk a ton of cash in the game too rec, Pali had goddess bonus too, remember? But none of that means anything when absolutely everything has been corrupted. Level, Gold, Items, Cash shop items, you name it. The only way to get it all for sure, including the Gm gears still in market from way back when Luna roamed is a reset.

    Your entitled to your opinion. But lets be honest, if there is no reset the game won’t last 3 months.

    Nice to hear from you again Recluse.

  3. Liar says:

    afffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff I will most likely remake thief okie? I don’t get nabs wanting PH, I remember the good ol days where vampire parties and mini donuts was the place to be.

    • Klien says:

      Aye, its like people want to run to the 200’s where its about an hour a level.

      Perhaps we will get a much bigger community this time around and the noob maps will always be full. Game n game’s Fb has +88,000 likes. Thats a ton of people getting Redstone advertisement.

      • Liar says:

        Aye. And after looking at the beastman’s skills from youtube videos of jp/kr players, I have to say I think instead of thief/monk I’m rolling him when the server comes up

  4. Troglo says:

    I think this time i’ll be playing monk. Not thief but monk. New awakenings look pretty interesting.

  5. Zig says:

    I don’t have much free time but I will use some to play we all you guys again! The rebirth of AoG!

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