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I figured i would highlight some questions answered by GnG that might get buried in responses and easily missed.


dl at 7am
Assuming that is not a typo you will be able to download the client 10 hours before the server goes live.  So if you see less then 10 hrs on my timer on the right, you should be able to download the client.  None the less the server itself wont be online until timer reaches 0.

no carrots
No carrot shop, this is kinda disappointing.  That means no mini pets, prem, nada.  Here’s hoping it gets added quick.

no forums
When they were asked about forums they came back with QnA and Fb. tbph i hate Fb.  For the ones that know me on Fb know i almost never log in, let alone post on RS pages.  QnA page is also fail as well to be considered a forum alternative. 

The community needs forums.  Where else can the new players find character guides, quest guides?  Where can players buy and sell gears?  Here’s hoping they add forums in the near future.

no multi
People might not like to admit it but 80%+ of our community dual logs.  I remember when OG redone the launcher that killed dual logging.  Within a week they done an overhaul on it solely to allow multi boxing.

While there are ways to log multiple toons, such as 2 pc’s :P.  Idk if i want to risk ban with Lnk but I seriously don’t see the game as fun with only one toon.  I prefer my own buffers, my own caller, my own sd alts so I’m not waiting 1-3 hrs for pt.

The people that are dead set against multi logging and plvl have never gotten past 406.  The fact is Rs is a solo game after that.  Pt at swep 13?   plvl spot more like it.  Pt at Gem?  Plvl spot more like it.  Pt at mid?  can you lure for plvl’r?

Well, here is hoping they eventually allow multi logs because if they are strict on it idk about seeing end game with just 1 toon.

server time
Server time is not yet decided, but I’m sure it will be very soon, the server goes live in about 15 hours.  Server time to me isn’t all that important.  Its solely for sw’s.  I can see no other reason for it. However I know many are obsessed with server time so I added it.
The original reply can be found here
Cya’s in Prandel soon.


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17 Responses to Q n A

  1. troglo says:

    Don’t give up so quickly without multi log. It’s still possible to decide at what game time you want to run sds or grind and party with guildies

    • Klien says:

      Not giving up Ama, there are ways to multi log even if their launcher don’t allow it. Just need the “go ahead” and i think enough people multilog to get GnG to consider it down the road.

      • troglo says:

        Be careful with multi logging tho, they said third party tools won’t be tolerated and accounts using that will be banned. For this reason I think i will run just one character

      • Klien says:

        If i wanted i could easily run 3 toons with desktop and laptops. All would show different ip’s and it wouldn’t be a problem.

        Its not worth the hassle though. I hope in the near future they will allow multilog just for simplicities sake.

        Until then the only thing to do is grind really. Don’t want to start main quest because taking eventually 6 toons through MQ 1 at a time would suck. Don’t want to start chasing titles for the same reason.

        Guess i will just work on making a decent plvl’r

        Time will tell how it plays out.

  2. Azrael says:

    Uh, Klien, I was able to break mid 550’s solo on ogp with just a single toon. ~w~ Buffs honestly weren’t an issue once the brun guild buffs came out, orz, then again, I was known for only running one toon at a time throughout G1 and K2…. maybe it’s just me.

  3. Azrael says:

    Edit: it seems they’re keeping the old server while deleting roughly 300 accounts and making a fresh new one, I Can’t say I’m surprised at the new one, which I WILL be going to, but still… Why bother with the old one?

    • Klien says:

      I assume they have the man power and the resources so its easy for them to gm and run 2 servers. Plus both servers will make more people happy since a few like Volt wanted old database untouched.

      I won’t bother with the old one either. Too many hacks to make it worthy of dumping more time in it.

  4. Azrael says:

    Cool cool, Will you be running your tamer or your thief?

  5. Lover says:

    Anyone else have any problem downloading the installer?

  6. troglo says:

    I’ve downloaded the client but still cant click Game Start.

  7. Azrael says:

    I figure’d you’d be happy to know klien, you’ll be able to multi-log soon™

    • Klien says:

      Ya, i saw that, awesome right :).

      Now if they’d just give everyone a free prem since cash shop isn’t expected till end of Dec i’ll take all nubs to 255 n complete mq. 7 days per reward, it can’t be rushed so i need it done asap because hp wil take 10 runs, 2.5 months.

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