Evening all,
I want to say evening Prandel, but that’s not gonna work anymore :).
I was running am sd with a hand full of people when the server went down. So i figured i might as well update this blog.


As title says i chose new server.  Like i mentioned previously i decided to run Pal as a main. I hardly have any screens of him because …long story short, I run a desktop recorder now nonstop so i figured I’d get the screens later since i have every single second I’ve been in game logged on video. 
This might be a cool idea for the future, i can make more gifs instead of screens down the road. Will be able to see a serene dropping if i can ever get lucky enough to get another instead of a still shot of it.



The few screens i do have show my army of nubs. Yep, I chk’d fb yesterday and seen this

multi is allowed

(insert one of KMK’s ecstatic animations here).

When i seen that i went and made all my nubs. Even if i can’t play them atm I wanted a flower to start growing on them.

5 new nubs
I went ahead and leveled them to 10 so guild add would be easy.

Speaking of AoG, getting Pali 50 for quest wasn’t too difficult. I went to alot of different places. Soloing when i could because adding just 1 person cuts xp 40%… ouch).
While most drops were awful I did get a nice ring at vamps.
Who says you need prem, ph or even high luck to get good drops?
nice ring without prem

i got the 2 mil for guild and hall easily.  Best way for noobs to get rich?
chests for guild
Pali’s super is only 18 and i’ve found 100k chests already :).

However, as some are aware, guilds are currently broke.  I was not able to do the quest due to a bug that we’re on a “test” server”…


Well Pali is currently 91 and my other nubs are level 10. I am here wasting time uploading my recordings to yt (private, who wants to watch hrs of grind anyway 🙂 ) so i can delete them on my hd and free up space.
My plans for the near future I figure I will grind Pal until multi is allowed, then i will pick up my nub army and plvl them and punch out mq at the same time when there lev is good enough. 
Since MQ rewards are 1 per 7 days, i really need it completed asap. But if i recall correctly you need level 255 to do the last MQ sd, so i need to grind.

Well, i got lots of work to do in game with my free time so i hope no one out there is looking for constant updates here.  if you got a question pm me in game.  Odds are high I’ll be on Palidor.
Later all.


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