Evening all,
Personally I think LnK is doing a hell of a job despite some flaws. No guilds yet, no multi, various Asian text on items, npcs, ect.
Case in point they got the game running, even granted the lazy people 2x, and are fixing things none stop. But you would not know this from browsing their fb. This community should be ashamed of themselves. Its always gimme gimme gimme.

Do you people realize LnK are working 24/7 on this trying to make it right? Yet you got comments like this.

Seeing everything LnK is currently doing comments like that are pure unfounded ignorance and uncalled for.  Show some gratitude for once in your life.


Inspite of all the broken things atm all i can do is grind Pali really.
pali 100 gif
I seen him break 100 today.  100 in 3 days with no plvl isn’t bad in my book.

I ran am a few times.  Without alot of mages and priests AM lev range (not to mention no pt list) finding pt can be difficult.  So we went without.  🙂
3 man am run
It might of took about 30 mins but we done pretty good sans tamer / mage / priest.  I’m pretty sure no one died, we just played monkey in the middle with boss  🙂


2nd run was much faster, we managed to get tamer and mage for it.
faster 2nd run


Well, i don’t have pro luck yet or prem, but my drops are improving thanks to ever slightly increasing luck.
not bad cape
Not bad at all! Its a nice cape for Pali atm, I can get a few more dt’s before intu with it.





One thing that’s nice about a new server?

stole fhp

Everyone is broke, Gotta love a poor economy  :).  I snagged these in a heart beat.  Before long I’ll be nibbling away at the Emblem quest for the 4th time.

And I ended my day helping Zoony get a few pets.

Until next time Nacriema.



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3 Responses to Bugs

  1. Zig says:

    There is another thing.. that I reallydont like but I guess it was allways this way.. idk.. I was grinding alone and getting 2k a kill kind of fast. Then I pt’d with a guy and I thought “exp may be cut in half, so 1k, but usually in mmo’s would be like 5% plus exp for being in party… so, 1100 or 1200 exp per kill… party should help with the exp”. Well we started to get 750 – 800 exp per kill… this has no sense. The game makes you to play alone =S. This sht bothers me a lot.
    Same in other spots? maybe I need more party members?

    • Klien says:

      XP is currently bugged. I tried plvling 1 alt with laptop and adding one toon to pt literally tanked xp 60%. It is actually faster to grind 2 toons separately the have them both in 1 pt at the same time. I assume this will be fixed amongst their many bugs because it calls for solo n death to pt system.

      Also it seems we have the plvl patch. 1 toon in pt higher level ruins xp. 110 toon plvling a level 10 and plvl’ee was getting 1’s. Like the old plvl patch on K2. I hope this is repealed.

      Expect changes eventually Zig.

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