Sans plvl

Evening all,

While i wait on berries to grow and tboss to spawn i figured I’d update this blog.
Don’t forget your flowers.


Well, my thief Palidor is still at 110. Currently he is perfect level for tw. I went to grind there the other day but kills were a little slow even with the best npc ax i can access atm (BH portals and Linken have best axes, avoid thief T like the plague). Perhaps EW has spoiled me for 100 dmg dart to be slow kills, idk.

So i figured it would be a perfect time to grind opti since i have a laptop that i can use to log a plvl’ee. He will have a much larger impact this server because I’m making him early unlike last server where Pali already had 4k dart. Opti won’t be supplemental now, he will be a dmg doubler x7 darts.

However when i started to plvl a level 10 nub with a level 110 plvl’r killing level 30 mobs my leecher netted 1’s for xp… when he should have been seeing 900’s.

So guess what that means? This game currently has the plvl patch where as any high level in pt nukes the lower levels xp… Remember when K2 had this?… ugh.

I have no idea if this will ever be removed so i figured I’d best stop grinding Pal and catch my nubs up to him. If i will ever have them all in the same pt they will all need to be close in level.

Leveling them 1 at a time is slow as hell but least I’m making progress. My Archer / Mage are both 63, Priest 70, Tamer 84(?) and opti at 85 i think. While Pali currently leads the pack at 110. As hand would say..Go go fix multi log already…


For the most part I’ve been soloing t bosses lately. They are easy with npc buffs.


Seems there are still people on fb asking for more xp…  Its crazy because pro xp can be attained if you know where to go and what to do.  For instance a low level toon has pretty high odds of getting 2x in a tmap. 

If you camp on a map for 10 mins n tmap hunt, get boost and then go grind you can maximize it. Also its worth mentioning dc’ing with a tmap boost will stop the clock.

Its crazy how much xp you can currently get and there are multiple xp bonuses we still don’t have access to yet, such as wisdom / mq bonuses.


Well, i guess i will end this post with this video


Tyvm Garm and Darth for your help!.  Goob lucked out here as well.  Just for showing up he got a set of fams  🙂


Ok, until next post i suppose. Here’s hoping guilds are fixed and cash shop opens soon.

G’ luck on levs n drops everyone.



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6 Responses to Sans plvl

  1. troglo says:

    you can remake guild now, and multi log is fixed, 3 chars are max tho

  2. Azrael says:

    I’m just gonna stop you right there and say to you about multi-logging, what you’ve been saying to the people complaining about xp, sit down and shut it. L&K is working on it, honestly I think 3 accounts is MORE than fair, after all, they didn’t HAVE to ‘fix’ or ‘give’ us multi-loggin in general. And honestly 3 accounts is enough to keep most multi-loggers happy till end game content.

    • Klien says:

      Its like your on two different pages with your comment Az. Multi logging doesn’t give faster levels, Ask anyone. Adding even 1 person to pt is ALWAYS an xp cut unless you have rsd 7+. Rsd 5 is a loss, rsd 6 breaks even. I remember testing it on old server.

      Far as there being enough xp, clearly there is. In less then 3 days a good 5th of the server has seen 100+ without prem. There is more then plenty. But i guess you prefer people saw 600 inside a month? I’d like to see 600 actually mean something. But if a part time player sees it in like 6 weeks, what good is it?

      Like i said, 2 different pages, idk what angle your coming at but apparently things are lost in text.

  3. Zig says:

    Who can I pm to join the guild? 🙂

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