Evening all,

As I’m sure some have noticed I have changed the title.  I didn’t want to because its been “Prandel” to me for over 6 years now.  But with there being 2 servers now people kinda need to know which one I’m on.  Especially if an old friend who i haven’t seen in a few years wanted to say hey in game.


The Phoenix
symbolizes… Rebirth!

As in the rebirth of AoG for the 4th time  🙂


Credits go to Chase for giving me info on how to bypass the bug since i established guild yesterday.


AoG again 12 3 14

Go go 100!!





Also credit goes to Prii for telling me bug no longer exists.  I was able to get a few extra hall levels tnx to her pm by adding alt to AoG.

easy hall levels

Gotta love how easily a noob hall levels.


Speaking of hall thanks to a few people in Brun (forgive me for forgetting your names) I managed to get an 8 man pt and was able to complete the Hall as well.

new lev 1 hall
Gd’s and extractors are possible now. Not to mention a place for 1400 emblem pieces.. Imagine, a working guild storage. 🙂
Far as AoG goes I don’t know if i personally will bother recruiting anytime soon.  I’ve seen alot of people shouting asking for invites and i seen some new guilds as well.   I kinda expect a few to request guild that have been with me forever.  Since k2 at least and a few quality guildies are 10 fold better then 100 solely to help me level my hall.  Friends is what the game is about right?

If anyone wants an invite I’m more then happy to lend you free stats.  But don’t go looking for me to be broadcasting in brun.  I wish everyone luck on their new guilds and look forward to the future competition  :).


On a side note..

I got some news that i think will make a few out there happy.  Apparently a couple of people out are pissed because i can’t decide which toon i want to play.   So i have decided to drop a few.  I will run AM with Klien and Arwin but i will drop them from my grind pt.  So they will not see 116 anytime soon.

Its stupid to have 3 dmg’rs at this point in the game and Pali will eventually out shine them all. But I’m gonna try to keep my 3 support toons close to him incase they never remove the plvl patch.


Well, I guess i will end this post on somewhat of a milestone for me.

Solo’d Am with all nub toons, no rebirthed pro level pets this time around  🙂

solo am run with nub toons

Ignore the fact that pets are dead, i planned to scorn them anyway until mutli rb’s and scorn will fix pet lost xp, it will keep pet levels on your rear if you never get prem flute.


Well until next time.  Best of luck with your drops all!




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