4 12 8 level

Currently Pali is Def hills range.  Least 100 levels behind the highest from what i gather. However I am not able to grind 24/7 because level is not everything.


For instance I need to regain alot of lost titles.

first two portor title


Thanks to xChoukyx I managed to get Master title back before going crazy with disarm and unlock skills.

chouky helped with master



Also i am redoing the Massive main quest, which ironically forces me to grind with continually rising level requirements.  I think I’m gaining ground though since i am over 50% done.

4 12 8 MQ

Stuck here until i get opti to 145.  Yes, thanks to free prem my “team’s” level range is a little wide.



Currently Sul has 201+ luck and Pal has 401+ luck.  Ya, i made Sul luck for drops.  I like toc mage, ownage dmg in the noob levels and almost never needs to cp charge.  Just run and gun.  So I use him more then Pali sometimes. Least until we get mini pets.

Sul actually managed to get my first U on this server the other day in TW.

first u on nac

Is it any good?

Seeing it is a maid u I wouldnt know.  You tell me.

is the u any good

Regardless i broke it because atm Ew > random U’s


I dropped another maid U in deff with Pali too.

maid u in def



Even though my lucks nub I even managed to get a few dxu’s on this server already.

quartz stone 1

Quartz in Do dungeon

Which i broke because at the moment EW is more important to me.quartz stone 2



Also Irregular Arian which Ama convinced me to keep cause i wanted to break it too  🙂

irreg arian

irreg arian 2

What can i say, high level dxu’s can give alot of mysts which i need for Theif and Priest Ew.










Well, thats all the time i have for the moment.  I’ll see ya all in game.



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One Response to Deff

  1. crazeys says:

    omg i even droped an U yet and you already droped dxu lmao xDD gzz!

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