pal 195

Currently Pali is less then 5 levs from 200 for Ew upgrade.


Yep, i managed to get his Ew the other day.

pali ew 1

The secret is making a storage guild and taking some nub toons through gd’s with npc buffs.  With enough runs eventually you will have enough mysts to make an eternal.

Without access to cosmo this is the fastest way, dropping U’s isn’t reliable.  I’ve broken 10, 20 U’s before and maybe walked away with 20, 40 myst pieces.  Uniques are not reliable for pieces like alt / gd runs are.
Anyway, Pal is over 100 levels behind everyone else. My own guildies have buried me by 20+ levs. I have heard some broke 300 already and my alt obsession will never allow me to catch them.  Trying to keep prem toons with none prem toons close in levels is near impossible.


But the effort is starting to pay off.  Nurr is getting there.

nurr light buff at 170

Nurr might seem like a wierd name to most but its actually the Arabic word for Light.  Since Nurr brings the light buff i thought it would be a good name for him.


I have managed to complate chapter 2 in the Main quest.

chap 3

Yet once again i am stuck on level since 180 is needed to obtain chapter 3 update and my lowest alt is 172 atm?  I think i might put this on the back burner for awhile.  Instead of chipping away at it just get a 100 levs or so and come back and knock it all out in 2 days.  But idk… chap 3 is pro xp.


LnK is bad with notices.  I logged in the other night to see an event was just beginning.  If i didnt see the orange message i would have missed it completely. Gm has a mini pet?

monster event

Event was just the one mob and when it died it gave nothing.  Atleast not to me.  But the gm’s gave everyone buffs so i can’t complain.



gm buff dragon

Most only see the damage from a Gm buff but i prefer them because of the length.  They last a good 45 minutes.  Easliy got a level or 2 two with it.


My first NX on this server fell in Gd with Sul.

first nx with sul

Ya, it might be noob but its perfect for Nurr atm.  The know increases his buff and wis / charis bonus helps him wear decent pins.


I hear wisdom is Currently broken with pt xp bug but I am starting to get a collection of necks.  Think i got like 4 of these already.

wis collar

If anyone knows anything about me they know i collect wisdom gears.

The bonuses they give for leechers is a massive grind saver.






Suppose I’ll end the post with this screen.

new emblem begun
Ah, the G. For the 4th time work has begun yet again on the most expensive quest in game.  The Emblem.



Guess I’ve wasted enough of your time.  G’ luck with drops everyone, I’ll cya in game!




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