With Pali sitting at 220 on the end of the 10 day prem i am buried.                                             I hear there is a 380 out there which is almost twice my level. 
Alts and pt xp bug have killed me.


Regardless, I have managed to make some progress even though I am not one of the forerunners.

Such as


And an upgrade!

I failed twice and then succeeded on the 3rd try.  Counting Nurrs eternal I have went through 11 mysts and tants so far.  Sabin still needs his EW and upgraded to 2 as well.  …Ugh, I need cosmo.



With Sul nearing next T set I have started collecting 217’s.

dropped 217

It’s so nice with Luna being gone.  She used to camp this boss day and night selling t’s for 2m each.  You could never find this boss up.  But I’ve managed to kill him twice now and only need mage shoes and gloves.  If any are selling send me a pm, otherwise I’ll hunt it myself until Suls set is complete.


Spending overtime in def trying to catch up premless alts I’ve managed to get a few nice drops.

2 ok rings

I still need alot of rings, such as crit and system.

But I’m getting there i think.




Look what else i dropped in Def. A very noob cape which is very pro for a noob  :).

tape nx def

I’m sure i will drop it higher level because the 600 – 900 added elem dmg won’t outclass white warrior.  But for now its perfect! Like having 2 more optis.


Well, these are my current levels.

4 nubs end of 10 day

I am undecided atm.  But i think i will drop all 3 support toons and only run sd with them.

Pali’s level can shoot up there if i solo and I’ll have a good plvl’r for my supports later on.

Idk what I’ll do yet but i don’t like being behind 200 levels when I’ve been working my @$$ off.


Until next time Nacriema. GL with all of your endeavors!



About Klien

another random noob tamer
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