Sup Nacriema,

Pali currently sits at 238 waiting for prem.  Most have not had sphere for an entire 7 days now.  But this will end in 15 more hours according to LnK’s latest facebook post.  Seems we will get 30 day prem simply by talking to the event npc just south of the top shortcut portal between the fountains.

I love this idea since i should be able to get prem on all my mains and go to the best spots, such as do or die, small cave, ect and i’ll be able to do parble quest which is an easy 21m.


Well, let me see past week…

I got a few more titles completed. Re-doing the quests is not much fun but the titles are necessary.

few more titles

Mainly getting titles on Sul, Sab and Pal.  I don’t think opti will need most since he is only a buffer.



I uploaded a video to my youtube channel a few days ago that will make this quest easier for some.

vamp eye


As most already know by my last post I have begun limit quest. While limits are pretty rare with me averaging 3-5 an hour its nice when they fall back to back.
back 2 back limits


Seeing 90% of my last 18 levels have all been salty b8 grind I got a pretty good start on limits. Currently sitting at 88.

88 origin

Since Pali is a long time from 20k+ dmg I will bank these so I never reach 200 and allow the quest to update.
That way i can keep collecting them without having to stop and go do another part of the quest for level 2 before i can start collecting again.   I plan to get over 1k limits before i ever get level 1.



Public shaming?

public shaming

I remember when i was grinding at vamps an old AoG told me this guy used an auto prog.  So i pm’d Pibe and told him people knew and LnK would ban him if he tried it here.  Seem’s this guy doesnt care so if i ever pass him I’ll do the bot check and report him myself.  I hate cheaters getting gains for nothing while everyone else works their ass off to get somewhere.



Call stones..

call stone

I’ll admit my ignorance on these and say I have been deleting them.  However recently I’ve seen alot of people buying them in brun.  I asked a guy and he said they are more useful 400+.  So I’ve been banking them ever since and I’m up to 71 atm.  Appearently they have some value even if I’m unable to use them now.



X-mas events…

xmas event

I’ll be honest, I’ve made alot of these.  Atleast 5 events, with alteast 150 or so boxes.  I never got anythimg that had more value then rugs.  However LnK fb says you can get U tickets in them?

Appearently they are very rare which i am kinda happy about.  One thing i hated about old server was everyone having 3 drakes on every toon they ran.  Least LnK is considering the future while OG only displayed the “money now” mentality.



Well, these are my current levels

cur levs 12 22

I have roughly 45% of needed titles.  At 3.4.5 in MQ. 

With 30 days of prem i don’t see any problem with getting all 4 to 250 for MQ (prob go 300, 350 tho because MQ sd’s are difficult) and taking Pali to 450 or so.   Maybe even 500.


Winter season i have nothing but time and 30 days is lots of time to catch the current best on server.
I’ll cya’s next post.  until then keep on grinding Nacriema!




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