Evening all,

I managed to get Pali to 271 today.

Long @ss ways from 4th rb 640+ huh?

Ya… i know.


Well, I was grinding in dod the other day and I seen 2 more MQ stones turned in.

back to mq

Reminded me that i need to get it done myself asap so I’ve been somewhat hardcore on it recently.


Chase tagged along and i managed to con a few guildies into helping us with the sd’s.  They’re difficult for low levs. Arch dev wasn’t too bad, i think he bugged on us and made for an easy kill.

darth helped wiht 2nd sd


Dracolich was a bad one, had to exit for rev items and probably took near an hr total to get update.

drac sd


At the moment I’m sitting on 4.5.2

4 5 2 mq
Fairly close to being done.

With any luck I’ll run Tiamess and Heaven sd both tomorrow.  Start stacking hp%






Let me see, what else?

U’s are still rare, even the nub one’s.

deadly space


I can’t complain tho, I’ve dropped 2 nx’s and 3 dxu’s on this server already.  More then most perhaps.

demon dxu


This ring is ok i guess, i dont fight many mobs that crush so its not the most useful to me.

fair ring

But dual use rings are always nice.





Dractil popped in today.  He’s one of the old AoG’s from K2 (and OG).    I gave him an invite and helped him get some elfs.

drcs elfs



I ran Parble quest the other day with Chase.  I was expecting a 21m reward but updates seem to have changed it to 29m which was a welcome surprise.   Nice that its done and out of the way.

parble done



Well, guess I’ll end this post with a santa hunt.

santa skull

I seen Soxxin there, who was Demonwings from OG and he recently joined us on this server.  It didn’t take him long to get under my skin.  Complaing about grinding, saying “ding” in plvl pts when he did nothing but charge.  Showing no respect to guildies with the majority of his comments.

Anyway, he asked for pt at Santa so i went to guild list to add him… and I seen he was gone when i added him to guild not 4 days ago.   I don’t mind if people leave but it really rubs me the wrong way when they just disappear without a word.  Most will send a pm and tell me of their plans if they want to move on, but guild hoppers annoy the hell out of me.  It shows no respect what so ever when you can’t even say good bye.

Needless to say i didnt pt him.  Infact i did a trade request on him seconds before santa died.  It’s an old tboss trick when you got looters around, gives them a trade screen. During this kill a pt member announced the next spawn in hanov and guess who showed?  Yep and guess who brought all his new guild mates. I’m sure his new guild loves his requests for plvl and complaints about grinding.  

In hindsight the trade request was pety but I was agrivated. Perhaps i could have handled it differently but I am glad hes gone. He’s dojunis problem now.


Well, thats all for this post I suppose.

G’luck with all your efforts Nacriema!




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