Hello all,

I managed to get Pali to 300 today with supports right behind him.

cur levs 1 1 15



While my level might seem nub compared to others I have actually managed to get alot of things done this past week.  Let me see where to begin.

Pal’s no where near his old 8k dart yet, but this is a step in the right direction.

It’s a little sad that this is only temporary since I have every intention to make a harmonious ew and i will take the risks with a level 1 ew.  But its good for now, practically doubles min dmg on df.


I got a handful of nub ones.

random nub us

Yep, I put them all to good use.

breask it all


This was my best drop since last post i think

chilled dxu drop

My 4th dxu and the servers about 2 months old.  Hopefully with any luck I’ll drop Apachian soon.


I managed to get a few more titles.

mm 10

This one literally took a day.  mm 8 alone on 4 toons was bleh.. a good hr each toon.



alc 1 ughTalked with Pal, update!! Talked with Sul, update!! Talked with Sab, update.  So i’m thinking great, they removed that fake drop garbage…

Then i talked with Nurr.. I swear it took me over 30 trips to get him Alc one.  A hateful title that i will still need to get on Klien someday…



Speaking of Klien i would like to address the mage since i keep hearing about him.

The second i got on server i made Klien and Palidor hoping no one would try to steal my names, i even made the poser ones (the capitol i’s in place of L’s).

covered i
As you can see, if the name looks like me, then it is me.

Sonya will not pretend to be me on this server.





However, i did not cover switching the i and e which is another popular way of spelling Klien.  Long story short this mage is Not me.

is it me
My toon is spelled ie, his is ei.




I have been getting pm’s asking if I wanted to join for sd’s.  Thankfully i finished this quest a day or so after my last post.  I appreciate the offers but I’m glad its done because i hate MQ.

Cleared the last sd with Chase and Darth who helped us by running Sabin.

4th mq boss


Completed MQ, Picked heaven

heav coin

And i have begun stacking HP %.

start stack hp


Sadly Klien will still need to complete MQ eventually tnx to the 3 toon limit so the drudging is not a total memory yet.

But atleast I am getting rsp’s on Pali.

1st rspMy first rsp,

the first of 100’s within the coming months.




As this post is titled i have managed to complete the awakening quest.






Lithograph in Damel.





Ending Npc in Brun.



As you can see I took Venom thrower.

Trap awake looks useless to me since the only time i use traps are for some t bosses or to place on corpse’s in pvp.  It works well when they use a rev scroll, they wake up into stun.

While the 5 minute +5 from intu awake looked interesting it was largly useless to me too since i almost never use stealth skills.

Venom thrower is nice however with the 30% boost to minimum dmg on Fever.  While it was a minor change now (+40). It will add 1000’s end game.

fev upgrade


Well, back to dod. Get opti to 300 for awake and get the boost on his light buff.

dod 5 grind




Its not “pro” yet,  but its surely getting there. Arch makes it about 675 roughly.

no arch ligt

Nurr is currently 140 or so levs less then my old opti with a buff thats almost comparable.  This server he will be much stronger.


advert 4 rsadvert 4 rs
Guess i will end it here For the ones that like pvp, AoG’s first sw on this server.

Till next post.

~Klienadvert 4 rs

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