Evening everyone,

I see its been about a week since my last post so I figured I’d update this thing. 

Currently Pali is a few mil from 350 atm.

pal 349

I managed to fly thru the 330 gap with help from a few friends.  Lurer and Thief can clean up most maps quickly.


Grinded Dod with Fin and Pure

dod b6 with pure n fin


Other side of Dod with Darth and Fin.

dod with fin and darth


Several storage pt’s and currently leveling in small cave that i seem to have no good screens of.


Drop report

Well its been a week so i got the usual nub U’s.

nub us first week in Jan


Ever seen an S NX?

S nx in trum

It was nice to see, but useless to me so i donated it to the Ogre in brun.

broke S nx

Sadly no resounding stones which i will need at some point.

Not all of my drops were junk however.  Some were actually useful.

fort wheel


I know a 1/3 will replace this soon, but its still a nice low lev belt.




Seen this and thought
is it a u

Hmm… is that a U hiding behind the farvis?




Not only is it a U but its a good one  😀

Its sweet to drop a useful U seeing 95% in game are utterly useless.

Dark visor is perfect for nailing monks in sw that think they are untouchable.

Power thief and DV go together like bread and butter defending to monks in sw’s.




I also dropped a nice bargaining chip in > trum.


I’ll admit trans is pretty useless to me, but alot of ppl out there like it and its market is roughly 100m.

So if any want to make an offer send me a pm.  I would like to trade it for safe cage (80m) or anti (40m) and some gold.  Possibly ww.




Btw, all my good gears didn’t come from Pali this past week.                                                
Let me give a shout out to Bruno and another TY for Nurrs newest hair pin.

plus 3 opti


Currently Nurr is roughly 75 levels lower then my opti in Prandel (light_bringer) with a buff that’s roughly 100 dmg higher.

nurr is stronger


With alot of luck end game I’ll see 5 digits from his buff.









I managed to complete another Redstone tnx to some help from Fin and Aghast.

fin helps with rsp


Got Redstone, ran Heaven, Took Hp.

8 r mine

With 23 total stones given on server 8 of them are currently mine.  With only Sul needing 3 rsp atm I will complete another Redstone on Sunday raising it to 12.

I was hard core on MQ a few weeks ago because i thought i was behind.  But atm it seems like I’m one of the leaders. 

Come Sunday I’ll get 1.5% xp bonus from virtue reaching 30  :).




Our SW last week we faced Whaha again.  I think we done pretty well seeing we held off a good 10 ppl for 40 minutes.  I went thru the trouble of editing this one so its more bearable to watch.




I got Pal’s DT awoke a few days ago.

DT awake

Ya, the dmg is exactly the same but it does give 5% more crit on DT (which is helpful) and adds the toxin passive, so now crits with it cause bleeding.




I have been getting 8 bags of Jacob a day from sd’s.  Saving them up for chrono rings since the documents are not stackable.

75 bags

While i will probably never wear a costume on Pal (i like the black garb look) I seen a +50 know crest stalled and thought it would be great for Nurr.

So i moved all 100 n some bags onto Nurr and started opening them.

I got 21 costumes.  4 of them were Uniques (the +20 stat, 10% xp ones).  Not a single one opti could wear.  I looked into the buyable one from npc but seems it expires so I guess this idea will have to wait.

While i eventually got 10 gold crests from all costumes and bags none add know anyway.

With any luck someday I’ll land Nurr, Sul and Sab costumes.


Until next post Nacriema.






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