Party up

Sup all,
End of the week so its time to update i suppose.

A new guildmate joined us around the beginning of the week and offered to open some jars. Was nice enough to announce in gc so we made a full pt and killed more then a few. She had 2 jars and i opened some i was hoarding.


ptb 1



Was fun.  I stocked up on 20 minute 110% xp berries.  Since then we must have opened 15+ as a guild combined.


Not only can you get azure jars in sd’s.  Party bosses drop them too.

jar from porin



Due to tsets wis req (and Nurrs costume) my alts tend to outlevel me.   So i try to buy up wisdom orbs for Pali just to keep up.  Some of you might have seen my advertising on pt list?

wis orb

The cost adds up over time but they are insanely useful for a toon that has no wis to speak of.  With 0 wisdom 1 orb = 10% more xp for 30 mins. When killing mobs worth 50k, that extra 5k makes a big difference over the course of a few hrs. Literally translates into levels.




I have managed to awaken his light buff.

awoke light buff

As the screenshot shows its added no additional dmg or duration sadly.  Perhaps bugged or I was misinformed?

However it does make magic crit now.

toc crit

Sadly just not useful for me.  I so seldom use Sul for anything other then smoke.






A few milestones this past week.


New double zeros means new ew attempt.



I tried the Dungeon of ordeal, the “400 sd”

first ordeal

I made it to the 4th floor, so yes.  I failed miserably  :). 


Didnt think to take pots and i so seldom carry alot.  I spent the majority of the sd sitting to recover hp and my 30 min time was up pretty quick.   Next time i run it i go better prepared now that i have some idea what to expect.




Hall is finally getting to a respectable level to where we have spare sp.

My tamer is not currently active but we have more then a few in guild so i upped it this week.

up tamer

Idk what to up next.  Like i tell guildmates it dont matter because all will be done eventually.  But if any guildie is reading and wants to vote, let me know.


We done very well in pw this week.

7m pw score

7m is very pro when the highest in pt was 400.  Have to get past 550’s to reach that score.




Ya, AoG is deff getting there.

getting there


We ran sw a few hours ago and just over powered them.



Speaking of sw, I hide the guys name above incase he didnt want his name known but i won’t hide this one.

guild hopper


I think guild hoppers should be known and blacklisted.  If hes in your guild i would not count on him being long term since he is clearly an oppertunist.


We got a good group the way i see it and i wont add anyone who says up front he’ll never show loyalty.   To put it simply, if your not AoG then your against AoG.  Fresh, Rosa, they’re all cool, but at the same time they are rivals.

Sides, no one can win them all.  We lose, we lose.  There’s always next week and  I’ll take quality guildies who never level past 100 over fly by night 640’s anyday.



Guess i will end it here.

NX and Dxu dropped this week.  Os b6 and Molinar 2f.


nx in os

triad dxu



Until the next post i suppose.

Best of luck in all your efforts Nacriemaian!






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