As most know i closed this blog a few days ago.  For more reasons then one.  Due to the incessent pm’s since then which i can’t seemingly ignore i’ve decided to re-open it and clear up a few things.

Community.. it is a cesspool.  I am tired of running into @sshole after @sshole in this game.  It really makes me not want to help anyone since some ppl can’t even be bothered to give a kind word these days, let alone anything else.

I figure why help this server with guides and w/e when its not reciprocated?  I could show screens of ignorance as reference, but these ppl know who they are. Its not necessary.


Other hand, this blog is 4 yrs old.. I am just tired of it.  Some posts take well over an hr with image cropping n w/e.   I need to get away from it for awhile.

No i havent quit,                                                                                                                                    no i’m not depressed,                                                                                                                          no I’m not w/e other garbage ppl have been pm’ing me.

There are 8 or so other blogs in this community that I’m sure would love your visits.  As far as i go, I’m tired of making everything public.

I won’t bother locking this blog due to ppl needing the guides or w/e, but don’t look for updates anytime soon, this blog “sleeps”.

I kinda like Aki’s old attitude anymore, at least i see his reasoning for it now… and that is my level is my business.

This community is not what it used to be, but thats expected because time is always making changes.


Have a G‘ day until Al-Kabir wills our paths to cross again.



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