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I have removed the iheal post even tho everyone has seen it going by the view count.
It has become clear to me that he is simply desperate for attention.

iheal fb post

heal brun shout

I realized my post aided his cause which is… “look at me”.

To be 200% honest I could not care less what this guy thinks,                                              Who he is                                                                                                                                           What he does.                                                                                                                                       He just does not matter to me at all… At All.

Let him say and do as he pleases.  Let him get as much attention as one can possibly manage.  It does not affect me.

Sorry iheal, you are not so much as a blip on my map. 

When a guildie mentioned the other night you pm’d asking him to join and then another said you pm’d him as well, i got annoyed but it really has nothing to do with you.

It has to do with a 7 yr friendship that essentually ended due to your guild. 

A guy i grinded with since like level 50 (timbers is my oldest memory) on K2 “jumped ship” without so much as a “how do you do” to me and chose vivid as his new home.

It does bother me but i will deal with it because that tie is completely severed.  He will never wear our emblem again no matter what comes to pass. Last time he spoke to me he made mention of it and i cringed at the thought of him in AoG again.

(Nah dude, I don’t want you back and the few i talked to about this don’t either.)

While this guy is not the only one vivid has claimed, he is the oldest that i used to refer to as friend.

Now you can raise all the hell in brun you want iheal and raise your calls of desperation to anyone willing to lend an ear…. but sorry buddy, you just don’t matter to me, you never did.

So all these pm’s…

heal apology

They can stop now.

I gave iheal his 15 minutes of fame, now he can fade back into obscurity.


I don’t need the ones that have left me behind and I’d appreciate it if they stopped pm’ing me.  We all walk a new path now on a new server and I got more then a few old freinds, a few new ones and we got Ray back today who is another K2 AoG. 

As i said, times always making changes and clearly there is no future in the past.


When ppl that used to be in guild but now arent pm me about AoG things…..

It is the main reason i have closed this blog and wanted 99% of my Nacriema life private.

AoG matters are AoG matters and they will remain that way as long as i control the helm.


G’ luck to all, but our path splits here. Stop with the pm’s and leave it in the past.





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