Better late then never

Hello, a few friends told me reading blogs got them to play more and there is a few ppl I’m still hoping will come back.  I really know nothing about blogs, but i’m sure i can pick one up easily enough.  Guess i’ll start by saying who i am.  My rs forum name is Palidor and my ign is Klein.  Yes.. i am the multi remade tamer from K2, okas.

These are my toons, yes i run 4.

Most know Klien, my tamer in Rage (unfo’s alt guild).  Pals my damage thief,  spending his days in Unfo. Don’s my support priest, also in Rage.  and Val.. i made him pure wis a few weeks ago so he’s my leecher i guess you could call him and he keeps Pal company in Unfo.

AoG?  hmm, after guilds were lost a second time i had no desire to remake guild  and emblem… and statues a 3rd time. .. i kinda quit back in June.  Came back late January to find all my friends gone (guilds die without gm..) and I applied on Unfo’s forums a few days after valentines day.

I guess i picked unfo because i wanted an established guild thats been around awhile and wasnt going anywhere.  I only had 3 choices really.  Famous.. not my crowd at all, Rosa..  ah, me n chii bump heads too much and Unfo …unfo seemed to share my ethics so i applied.

Will AoG ever be rebuilt?  idk, if it will it wont be anytime soon.  I’m happy with Unforgiven atm.

Well, thats kinda my background and who i am.  When i figure out more how this blog works i’ll add other things i guess.


5 Responses to Better late then never

  1. Narok says:

    Nice blog m8 🙂

  2. Klien says:

    Tnx Narok, I’ve seen your stall in Prandel past few days. Its good to see you still find time to log in here and there.

  3. Narok says:

    im sorta playing again, not on narok char though, bored with that. playing a champion, gadzooks, only lvl 135 atm, but i always found under lvl 200 to be the best / most fun lvls any way,, especially as i solo 99% of the time..

  4. KingElf says:

    Did you spell your name wrong? “My rs forum name is Palidor and my ign is Klein.”

    • Klien says:

      No :), this post your commenting in is 3 or so years old. I lost Palis log in for forums, as time went on Pali became a main so it kinda got backwards. Pali in game, kline on forums. I’m thinking of picking up klien in game again tho.

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