My DXU collection

3-25-13  ~ last update

(i have removed all dxu’s that didn’t show the actual drop ((lost screenie)).  no way to prove i didn’t “buy” them.  Anyway, I wanted to redo this page cause wordpress doesn’t give good editing options. )


(click on any image to enlarge it)

Six String Hot Shot                     drop date – unknown

6 string hotshot

Mantra Ohm                                drop date – 3/23/13
mantra ohm drop


Black Dragon ring                       drop date – unknown
black drag drop fin


Aura Battler                               drop date –  4/15/12



108 Anxieties                   drop date – 6/29/12

108 Anxieties fin


White nine                              drop date –  unknown

white nine fin


Burning Werewolf                    drop date – 4/28/12

burning werewolr fin


Fatal Beauty                     drop date –  6/26/12



Grain Harvester                  drop date – unknown

grain dxu fin


Hwajun                                  drop date – unknown

hwjun dxu fin


Mystletainn              drop date – 7/1/12

mystletainn fin


Pirate Hunter                        drop date – 6/30/12

pirate hunter fin


Serene Intruder                  drop date – 6/22/12

serene fin


The Twilight of Corona           drop date – 3/21/12

twilight of corona fin


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