My NXU collection

Last updated 5/28/13

(click on any image to enlarge it)

Watch card [Nx]

watch card nx fin

Anti Charger [Nx]

anti nx fin

Back Drift [Nx]

back drift fin

Black netter Glove [Nx]

black netted nx fin

Black Thorn [Nx]

black thorn nx fin

Fine Whisper [Nx]

fine whisp nx fin

First winner [Nx]

fisrt win nx fin

Forrest slasher [Nx]

forrest slash nx fin

Gorgon ball [Nx]

gorgon ball nx fin

Hanover tool [Nx]

hanover nx fin

Sparkle of Kerub [Nx]

kerub nx fin

Loom stick [Nx]

loom stick nx fin

Lost Piece [Nx]

lost peice nx fin

Mountain climber [Nx]

mountain clmiber nx

Anger of the south pole star [Nx]

pole star nx fin

Raiment of Jard [Nx]

raiment of jard nx fin

Sailor Rod [Nx]

sailor rod nx

Screw flyer [Nx]

screw nx fin

Training whip [Nx]

Training whip fin

Dense Fog [NX]                       dropped – 3/29/12

dense fog nx fin

Dwarf Binder [NX]                     dropped – 3/22/13

dwarf nx fin

Apachean [NX]                            made –    3/17/13

apac nx fin


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