PvP videos

I will gather all my pvp videos here editing in most recent ones on top..  I’m not big on changing music since most mute and use their own media player anyway.  I don’t like to speed up or slow down portions either, its why youtube has pause and fast forward/rewind functions.

Anyways, enjoy!


the G   VS   Fresh – SW

2/16/2013– Palidor’s view
2/16/2013– Troglodyte’s view


klien id VS   cittie

1/25/2013– Tamer against Archer


klien idVS Power Within’s Mad_Dog

1/25/2013– Tamer against Archer


VS Legends_Reborn Daddy_Yankee

10/12/2011– monk against mage



10/11/2011 – thief against archer


VS  – GvG

9/23/2011 –


VS – 2nd rs tourney

9/21/2011 –


VS – Siege War

9/17/2011 – unfo attacks level 4 hall.


VS – GvG

8/26/2011 – part 1
8/26/2011 – part 2


VS ~ 2nd round in tourney

8/19/2011 – part 1
8/19/2011 – part 2
8/19/2011 – part 3


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