Element Information

I’ve been in Prandel for roughly 5 years now.  I’ve farmed more then a few 1000 of these things myself.

Figured I’d share some knowledge on them to help out my guidies and the common noob.

First things first, you need an element extractor.  Stop by your guild hall to get one of these. They are FREE, don’t buy from stalls.

Talk to the Statue caretaker.

Select option 3

Then pick type of elem you want

Once you have an extractor it must be kept in inventory at ALL times.

Now with extractor in hand just go out and kill mobs.  Only the mobs level matters.  If you have a level 1 extractor then mobs level needs to be 100+ (you can drop lev 1’s from much higher mobs as well).

The average player will get 1-3 elems an hour killing.  Yes, they are that slow.   While its possible to get more its rare.

Elems are like drops.. (see if you can follow me here, cuz this is the best way i can think of explaining it.)

The second you log in, the game randomly assigns you a number. 0-2  

#0 – this one is awful, you might get one element every 3-4 hours.

#1 – this one is average, you will get 1-3 elems an hour.

#2 – best one, possible to get 10 – 15 elems an hour.  They just seem to keep coming  :).  Unfortunately this is pretty rare.

So like drops, if elems aren’t coming simply relog.  This can be hard  to time tho since i’ve gotten elements after 20, 30, even 40 mins in.  But for the most part, game will pay you your elem at the turn of the hour. Within 15 minutes logged and every hour on the hour you can expect atleast 1 elem.

A few myths I’d like to dispel here.

 “Magic merc (fire mobs) drop more fire elems or water elems are easy to get in Mi dungeon (water mobs)”. 

Nope, mob type does not make any difference what so ever.  Only the mobs level matters.

“Level 2 elems are harder to get then 1’s or 3’s are super rare”

This is garbage as well.  It goes back to the “assigned number” thing i mentioned earlier.  If drops are bad simply relog, 5, 4, 3, they all have same drop rate.  I’ve seen no difference in them.

Also note Prem and xp/drop events make no difference on element drop either.  A non prem player can get just as many as a prem player farming on 2.5x drop event.

Last but not least, u Must kill for elements, you can not get them leeching in a pt.

Ok?  any questions up to this point?

As far as elems are considered they seem to come best with more ppl farming them.  If you read my blog you will know bout my blinding shd preists.

This is a typical day for me running 7 toons.

I’ve gotten up to 20 on one toon before.  But i’ve seen 4 elems in a 8-10 hr day too.

And this is what my 7 toons have managed in 7 days.

None stop killing is the best path to getting elems.  Find a toon with an active skill and just park him in a spawn spot, right clicking once every 3 mins to keep bubbles away.

I prefer blinding shd priests to park in spawns, but Squires with “shield of thorns” can do this as well and Tamer is good at it too.

Tamer has a bonus of being able to pick up drops with “finding treasure” skill, but tamer has a con that you must attack mob least once every 5 mins or pets will sleep and waiting 30 seconds on respawn is annoying when u have multi toons that need to keep bubbles away.

And i think that’s it Prandel, if there’s anything else to mention I’ll add it later and if you got any questions, simply comment.

Cya’s next week.


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