Enchantment system

For years Prandel’s enchantment system has just failed.   Specially with mix boxes and extractors being somewhat common now.  However with cape and earring drops being bugged  (players unable to drop them anywhere for over 6 months) the enchantment system has its uses.




Any item with the green R is considered a Rare, these are enchanted (prefix added) in Hanov.



Your first stop is to pay Jim Morry a visit in Hanov



He is at 78, 17 cords north center of town





He will sell you the Enchantment dice which are added to Rares to get a random prefix.

dice sets

Now he offers 2 different types.  200k and 50k.  Both do the exact same thing, add a random prefix to gear.  The only difference in the 2 is the success rate.  200k being more successful obviously.

Let me touch on toons luck here.  Enchanting gears with dice’s max success rate is 50%.  The success rate will vary from 1% – 50% depending on your toons base luck and if the 200k or 50k dice set is used.

1601 luck will yield the maximum 50% with the cheap dice.  So if your luck is 1601 or higher buying 200k dice is simply a waste of gold.


Once you bought your dice set, right click on it to use.

use dice


then try adding it to any R gear.



50 percent dice


With a little real life luck




Enchantment will succeed.      succeeded


smug cape



In this example, my 10% walking cape bought in Smug






plenty cape

Got 8% cp added to it.

Keep in mind the prefix that is added using dice is completely random.  It could b 4% hp or 60% hp.

Each gear can have 3 prefixes, so i can try again on this cape if i like and add another.




With 50% success rate, it also means 50% failure rate.

failed enchant

destroyed cape


Now, if you fail an enchant all is not lost.

Just speak to the npc up and right of Jim,  Jacob Bond.

Jacob Bond sells Items that will repair destroyed R’s (note, it does not work for U’s)




Buy Strong Adhesives from Jacob and use them on the destroyed gear.


just a cape

The gear will repair, however all enchants will be removed so you will need to try again.

With a fair amount of gold and some time you can get some very pro capes and earrings using the games enchantment system.


Lots of luck in trying to get some decent gears!


I might add U’s to this guide later (this guide is mainly how to get bugged drops in game, earrings n capes), but the U enchantment process is pretty much the same.  Go to bridgehead (or your guild hall) and buy tant crystals, then try to add to the U.  If upgrade fails on a U it breaks and an anvil must be used to repair U which costs 10m.


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