Fam tamer guide

This is the exact same guide I put up on AoG’s forums over a year ago.  Since it got 1600+ views I’m sure some found it useful, so I figured i’d move it to my blog since my old forums are no longer active.



I’ve always been a fam tamer, so that’s what i’ll advise on
Before you get started your path splits in the beginning.

Taming Tamer ~
pro’s –
Your tamer will have the highest pets at all times in relation to his level, normally 75 – 115 levels over tamer

con’s –
Despite pets level, dmg buffs are weak due to maxed stare and brainwash from the get go. So Taming build pets wont do a ton more dmg then a power build would. However, reskills would fix this, but that can get expensive quick. A taming tamer can easily buy 6 reskills time he gets to level 330.

Power skilled Tamer ~
pro’s –
Pretty good dmg with fams from am sd range up till 185. Dmg still improves as tamer grows, however 185 (t’s) is the point where a taming tamer tames 250ish and show’s better dmg in pt’s.

con’s –
You’ll have low level pets. Which isn’t that big of a deal seeing skills go alot farther then pets levels in the noob range (1 – 200)


Ok, say you decide to build a “taming build tamer”

With your stats you will want 100 health, 75 power, 100 charis, the rest doesnt matter where u allocate them with fams. You can get power fix if you like, but i dont advise health and charisma fixes seeing higher level (3, 4, 500+) 100 wont b enough.

After those initial 250 stat points you can add the rest where ever you like.
Pure luck for better drops, avoidance
Pure health for gvg, tanking ability
Pure wisdom for faster levels n so on.

With skills Any tamer needs to concentrate on getting brainwash. You will get it at level 53.5. Once you have it raise stare and brainwash keeping them fairly even in level until both are maxed. Nothing else. For you to be able to tame the best pets you need these 2 skills maxed. Brainwash to actually tame the high level and Stare to keep the pet from losing alot of levels once tamed.

Until your 185 i suggest all “fam” tamers start with elfs, working on maxing Stare and Brainwash you just wont have the dmg buffs n low level fams will fall short.

Your “taming” levels (note, this can vary with gear, badges, ect)

1- 53.5 tame whatever you like.. tbh they all suck
53.5 – 185 in this range tame some telet elfs. there more then enough to get by.
185 with a taming pt you can tame swep fams. depending on nec, prin n gear you can come out with 250- 300ish fams
225 with good taming pt you should b able to tame swep’s without dlvl, so tamer would come out with 325 fams
330 the final taming, with a good taming pt you can tame 425 os fams without dlvl with maxed stare n bw n decent gear / t’s

From where you go after here is up to you


Ok, for the power skill tamers that can’t afford reskills, don’t want the hassle of finding taming pt’s ect. This is your build

First off stat point allocation is the same as taming build, so view above.

Power skill’s. First skill to go for is brainwash. Every tamer has to have it.

Once you have brainwash you should b able to tame tatga mine fams (70ish) with an ok necro. All fams here are ex, which is why i prefer it over tw, robbers, etc.

Once you have your new pets leave bw at level 1, and stares bw default is fine at level 12 for now. Work on getting Attacking order, Urgency, and Cloudy day maxed. If no points are wasted you can easily max all these skills by 150, but try to balance them as you grow, level 50 AO with level 2 Urg wont do you much good seeing fams have awful op, AO is % dmg and Urg is what actually raises base op.

You might want to throw Scorn in there and level it here and there. Don’t go crazy with it seeing a level 4 skill gets expensive quick. But until its level 25 (including pluses) pets will always get less xp then you.

At 150 with the above mentioned 3 main dmg skills maxed get spice and work on getting it to 30. less then this its pretty useless to grind with seeing its duration is so short. As you raise it you can throw in a praise level here and there, but praise should b 30 tops time you manage to get spice to level 50. When spice is done get praise maxed. At this point you can work on gloomy, but until your pro level and can max scorn, I’d stick with keeping an “ok” scorn active over gloomy day.

Time your 280 all dmg skills should be maxed
and you’ll have some mean pets. Twisted Evil

After that you can go Aqua which can give fams alot of crits.
Changing day to increase pets magic resists.
There’s alot of tamer skills you’ll find useful after the dmg skills are out of the way

K, to summarize it for Power skill tamer

lev 53.5 get brainwash
By level 150 have bw at level 1 and Cloudy, Urg and AO maxed
By 280 have Spice, Praise maxed

Where you go from here is up to you

Questions, comments?


9 Responses to Fam tamer guide

  1. Coral says:

    What lvl and and location is T-set for a Tamer?

  2. Coral says:

    Ty I am having issues taming the telet elfs I have taming at 17 and I taming them to death but says This monster cannot be tamed. It’s getting frustrating. I hope you have an answer for me.

  3. Coral says:

    Ty how many points do I have to have in brain wash to get them?

    • Klien says:

      I think it was around 2300 sp. I don’t remember the exact amount. If no sp are wasted and you go directly for bw you would have it by level 54 if memory serves.

  4. Coral says:

    I use brain wash and it says the skill can not tame this pet

    • Klien says:

      I have not played this game in a long time. While its possible they changed it i think you’re just in the wrong location or using the wrong skill.

      Make sure its Telet elves. 2 maps south of Brun inside a cave. You actually need a theif to reach them due to a locked door with a death trap. Also make sure the skill says Brainwash, not Taming.

      I’ve helped many people tame these pets. One thing I’m positive of is there was a time when it was possible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWmaN7QBSF4

  5. Coral says:

    Hugs Ty so much for your help I got them now

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