Flower pot of rest

Every now n then i like to make some kind of guide to help out the lower levs.This one will explain how flowers work.


First off visit Solabi in Bruns adventurer accos.

brun port


Solabi is just < of npc buffer.


Ask her for a flowerpot of rest.


Now you have 2 choices. Solar or Lunar.



A normal Solar berry gives 110% xp for 60 minutes.

It can be harvested at 50% and 100%. Full pot giving 2 fruits.

Once harvested you have 12 hours to use berry before it expires.

Each fruit takes 22 hrs to grow.

44 hrs for 100% pot.

26.4 minutes for 1% growth.



LunarA normal Lunar berry gives 80% xp for 120 minutes.

It can be harvested at 33%, 66%, 100% giving 3 berries for full pot.

Once harvested you have 12 hours to use berry.

Each fruit takes 36 hrs and 18 minutes to grow.

108 hrs and 54 minutes for 100% pot.

65.34 minutes for pot to grow 1%.


Flower growth

Flower ONLY grows when you are in town, in your guild hall, or dc’d. It will not grow if your on a map killing.


Harvest cost.

You need to return to Solabi to harvest berries.

Its not free, but cost is dependent on your level.


200 cost




401 plus


Special Berries

When you harvest fruit you can randomly get special berries which give more xp / time.


Fresh = 110% xp for 70 minutes.

Appetizing = 140% xp for 70 minutes.


Fresh = 80% for 140 minutes

Appetizing = 100% for 140 minutes



XP boost only works when killing mobs, it does not affect any SD ending bonus.

XP timer will stop if you afk or dc, no reason to no-life berries.

Whichever flowerpot you pick really depends on your grind time. I’m a grinder so i prefer the Lunar flowerpot. 1 hr solar berries seem to be over as soon as they’ve started. 100% Lunar gives a 6 hr xp boost. Perfect for ph weekends!


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