Heaven SD Guide

I noticed alot of ppl still have trouble with this sd. I had a guide on unfo’s forums but even i can’t access it anymore. So i figured I’d move it here to help others.


Step #1: obtain a Redstone.


Step #2: Get the “coin of heaven”

((DON’T forget this, you will waste an sd run.))
myst cab

Visit Einer at the mystery cabin in tatga mountains.

Cords 16, 41

Obtain the “coin of heaven”




Step #3: Visit Heimdarre on Vipe bridge 2 maps < of Brentil.   Receive scroll.



Step #4:  Go to Collapsed Road between Salty b6 and Twilight B6.  Wait 10 mins,  get sd key.  Purple dot marks sd entrance.

collasped road




Hall Of Confessions


1st floor.

1st hall, left room

This is the layout of the floor.  You begin on the white circle.  The first objective is to kill the boss in the left room.  You can ignore all mobs, but the mage boss must be killed.



1st hall, right room

With the mage boss in the left room dead, go to the right room, kill a skull boss here.

Be careful of demonologists in this area, they can instant kill.



1st hall, center room

After you dispatch the skull boss in the right room head towards the center.

The yellow door on map is a hidden wall, u must click on it to open.


In this back center room kill the last boss, a lich type mob.  When he is dead proceed to the 2nd floor portal.


2nd floor


3rd fl  1st bossBegin by the 1f portal, run towards the left blue star.

There is a statue here, click it to warp  to right blue star.

From the right blue star run towards the right pink star.  Click a statue here to warp into boss room.  Dispatch this first boss.


With the first boss dead lets make our way to the 2nd.

3rd fl  2nd boss

Begin at the right pink star.

Run towards the right green star.  Click the statue there to warp to left green star.

From the left green star, run towards the left pink star, click statue here to enter boss room.  Dispatch this boss.


On to the 3rd and final boss on this floor.

3rd fl  3rd bossBegin at the far left pink star, run towards the far left green star, click statue.

Warped to the right green star, run towards the right blue star, click statue.

Warped to the left blue star, run towards the center pink star.  Kill this boss.


Now with all 3 sub bosses dead, we only need to find the exit to the next floor.

3rd fl exit


You begin at the center pink star.

Follow the red path to reach the 3f portal.





3rd floor

Begin at 2F portal.  Head to red triangle and talk to npc.  Note, soon as your done talking all mobs will surround and attack you.

end boss n npc

Once all mobs are dead click wall marked with a yellow doorway on map.   Run to Green diamond and talk to npc to get update and end.

Note, talking starts 1 minute timer.  Make sure all that need update are by npc before any talk.


Congrats!!, Heaven sd is done. 

Head back to vipe bridge to claim your reward.


I might add a video here on my next run, maybe some screenies of sub-bosses.

If any have suggestions on how i can further improve this guide I’m all ears.



Note: Some images taken from Redstone hunters website.   Credits to him.


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