Limit break title.

There is a quest that you can run when you reach level 200. Successful completion will allow you to break the 20,000 dmg limit. This is a very long quest that should at least be started asap.

You begin the quest by visiting Irea in Garmit at cords 60, 100



She will send you to the map with Guards grave, Big Grave, Magic mercs, etc.

Click the object at 25, 55.

link desert obj


Clicking the object causes a large worm to spawn. Kill it for update.

large worm


Once you receive the update head back to Irea in Garmit.

irea to smug



In turn Irea will send you to Balsen in Smug. He is found at 15, 60 cords.

balsen 1

Balsen will give you some xp and he will send you to Arian to meet Hekens.


Hekens can be found at 20, 37.. just left of the bank.




After talking Hekens will send you back to Balsen in Smug.

balsen 2



Talk to Balsen and he will send you back to Irea.

balsen 3



Talking to Irea, she will send you to the Fountains highland.

irea 21


Warp to Hanov and leave through the south west portal. Then head to AM map.


Then north east portal


Then north east portal again.



Finally find Lynon at 267, 25




Speak to Lynon and he will send you back to Irea in Garmit. (save at Lynon if you have prem)

lynon 1



Speak to Irea and you guessed it… back to Lynon.

irea 4



Speaking with Lynon this time gives a decent xp reward, 750k without prem.

lynon again



Head back to Balsen in Smug to update the quest. Guess what, back to Lynon……..

lynon yet again



After the 3rd visit to Lynon he sends you to the fairy spring on the Great mountain Hanu.

to fairy



This map is one left of Dark fire.


The Yellow circle marks the fairy pond.







Click the bush at 40, 180 cords.

fairy bush



After talking to the fairys the quest log sends you back to Lynon.

lynon 5



Talk to Lynon and he sends you back to Irea in Garmit.

back to irea 2



Irea gives you 100k (without prem) and sends you back to Balsen in Smug.

100k n balsen


Balsen sends you to collect fairy honey.




Head to the Hanhi mountains / Near Doram river map. Easily reached if you port to Do, Di, Mi or La dungeon.


Repeatedly click on the trees to get all 20 honeys. (note, you can only click on a tree once every minute or so). Be wary of the mobs who are 280ish if your only 200.




Once you get 20 honeys its back to Irea in Garmit.

irea after honey



Obtain the candy and head back to the fairy spring. candy fairy



Clicking the bush to update gives 700k xp (without prem) and the Fairys Jewel.



The Fairys Jewel is like element extractor, you need to keep it in your inventory at all times to get origin stones. If for some reason you need to get rid of it (like running porter quests) you can destroy it and return to the fairys to get a new one.

To get the first limit title 200 origin stones are needed.

lim log

Expect this to take awhile. They are a slow drop rate and only drop in certain areas. The place where you can get them is completely dependent on your level. Every 50 levels the map changes and you need to break your Jewel and return to the fairys for a new one.



The farming areas for Origin stones.

Level ~ 200-249 / Mob ~ Exorcist / Map ~ Salty B8



Level ~ 250-299 / Mob ~ Big shell / Map ~ Nameless 8F



Level ~ 300-349 / Mob ~ Lizard / Map ~ Swep B3



Level ~ 350-399 / Mob ~ Elf Assassian / Map ~ Southern Trum



Level ~ 400-449 / Mob ~ Skeletons / Map ~ Ossuary B5 and B6



Level ~ 450-499 / Mob ~ Elves / Map ~ Dark elf palace 2F and 3F




Level ~ 500-549 / Mob ~ Maggots / Rats / Map ~ Dug out / Gem room

Level ~ 550-599 / Mob ~ Lizards / Map ~ Golden swamp B1 and B2

Level ~ 600-650 / Mob ~ Golem / Blazer / Map ~ Molinar tower 4F and 5 F


*Note: Origin stones can be placed into the bank and passed between toons if needed.










4 Responses to Limit break title.

  1. Samuel Porto says:

    I can lvlup this title using redstone heaven world reward?

  2. demonkid says:

    let me guess the white dots are mobs that do not give the pieces and to find areas that can be aoe cleared 1 looks for an absence of white dots right?

    • Klien says:

      Ya, the white dots don’t give drops. You’ll be able to tell when you kill the mobs by the messages in the upper left if memory serves. Its been 18 months since i played this game.

      Not many of those areas can be aoe cleared. Gem room possibly. Swep and them ,there is alot of running and/or higher hp mobs. Gem should be good for fever or meteor though. Mage will likely need lurer at Gem.

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