Redstone Detective





A title that is earned from getting tmaps. 

Like other titles it can be leveled to 10 with each level of rsd giving a 5% xp boost while in a party.
If you want title its rather simple to obtain. Just takes time. All you have to do is get tmaps, LOTS of them! And Never get a tmap and fail to get chest.

Tmaps are like sd keys.  You can get them by just grinding.  However if you go afk for 10 minutes you have a better chance of getting a tmap on your 1st kill. 

Should note the longer you afk, the higher your chance is to get tmap. That is if you never log out, go to bed or w/e and come back the next day you have a 98% chance of getting a tmap on your first kill.



I’d like to share  info from Lugia and Rosario on how to obtain this title here, all credits go to them.

To get this title, you need just to open Treasure Boxes from tmaps.

This is system on points:

  • Get tmap and Not open Tbox -10 points
  • Empty Box +1 points
  • Gold +2 points
  • 400% Gold +3 points
  • 200% Exp +5 points
  • Gold/Exp for all of prandel +10 points
Required points for each level
Rsd lvl 1 = 100 Points
Rsd lvl 2 = 200 Points
Rsd lvl 3 = 300 Points
Rsd lvl 4 = 400 Points
Rsd lvl 5 = 500 Points
Rsd lvl 6 = 600 Points
Rsd lvl 7 = 700 Points
Rsd lvl 8 = 800 Points
Rsd lvl 9 = 900 Points
Rsd lvl 10 = 1000 Points

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