I merge an inorg dark and inorg fire pet to get Dauri.

I did not get +pow but i did get first aid which is one of the skills i was after.

A few notes for anyone merging.

  1. The pet you want to keep must be in < slot.
  2. The < slot pet keeps all skills, gets 2 random from merged pet and 2 new skills.
  3. You can continue to merge using the same < pet if you didn’t get the skills you wanted.  But ofc the > pet is consumed and you need more.
  4. Both pets must be level 100 and different elements to merge.
  5. An item from npc that makes pet level 100 can only be used on a 1-29 lev pet.  The cost of the item is 1 flame or 5 complete mysts.   Do not evolve any pet by feeding that you might want to see 100 someday.  Use the item.
  6. You can only access this Chrono npc 13-23 server time.
  7.  Stage 2 pets do not count towards goddess,  even if they are 100% inorg.  They must be placed in 4 > random slots if you do have goddess and want them to benefit from it.



The stage 2 pet i got has 150% activation rate on top of the 150% activation from goddess.  It is overkill for anyone thinking they need goddess with level 2 pets.  You don’t.

While goddess is nice to have, it’s not necessary.  I made a second stage 2 pet that i never bothered to record and i can easily get by with only using Dauri for cp regain on pretty much every map I grind on.

I don’t have client open atm but think i calculated it to be 64% chance for 226 cp recover every second. … which is plenty.  I can not imagine using 2.

This post is just to help others.  I would have made stage 2 pets well over a month ago if i knew how useful they were.  So if you got atleast  least 3 pets, check some guides and consider merging 2.



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